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Facebook Allegedly Working On A Modular Smartphone

We already saw a few attempts at the modular phone and the most popular was the Project Ara. Unfortunately, Google is no longer interested in the development of such phone and we have yet to see a modular phone hit the shelves. While Google no longer working on Project Ara

HP Elite x3 Coming to Verizon

Microsoft might have ceased support for Windows Phone platform, but the Windows 10 Mobile is still alive. While not many customers actually want to purchase Windows 10 Mobile handset, HP is still trying to sell its Elite x3 smartphone and is now trying to get new certifications

WhatsApp To Get Recall Feature

We all have sent a message and then wished to take it back, but that wasn't possible. While Viber, Skype and a few other messaging services have a recall feature, WhatsApp has yet to get something like that. According to a recent tweet by @WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has been

Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8+ Get Up To $300 Discount

If you are in a market for Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, then this could be your best chance. For a limited time, Samsung's flagship smartphones are selling for $150 off, and another $150 discount can be added with a qualifying trade-in, such as Galaxy Note5, S5, and newer

Facebook Could Be Working On Modular Devices

No company has really been successful in getting modular devices to take off, but Facebook could attempt to break into that industry regardless. A patent from the company describes a modular "electromagnetic device" that'd give people an alternative to closed system gadgets.

UK Will Require Drone Registrations, Safety Tests

Upcoming regulations in the UK will force drone owners to register their units and pass a safety awareness test. These rules, which were recently announced by the government, apply to all crafts larger than 250 grams. Multiple near-misses triggered an interest in these rules.
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