Panasonic DMC-CM1 Has 20 MP 1" Camera Sensor, Lecia Lens

Panasonic is looking to take the camera phone world by storm with its new offering. The Panasonic DMC-CM1 is truly remarkable, since it comes with a massive 20 MP 1" sensor. Just for reference, the 20.7 MP camera module inside the Sony Xperia Z3 is a 1/2.3" sensor.

Play Store 5.0 Update Comes With Material Design

Android Police has posted an article with shots from an early version of the Play Store 5.0 update that should be coming out before the end of the year. The update takes a lot from the Material Design style Google showed off earlier this year. While the Play Store will 

Chivalry Announced For PS3, Xbox 360

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was released by Torn Banner Studios on the PC back in 2012, and now the game has been announced for the older generation of consoles. The Xbox 360 and PS3 will get Chivalry sometime this fall, and Torn Banner has shown off some of

ZTE ZMAX Is A Big Smartphone With A Bigger Battery

ZTE has announced the ZMAX, a new 5.7-inch smartphone that has budget and practical consumers in mind. While the phone is large, it is not packing tons of high-end components. As a result, the ZMAX includes a 3,400mAh battery that can power the device for

Windows 9 Technical Preview Screenshots Leaked

Microsoft is gearing up to release their first ever public build of Windows 9. The Technical Preview of Windows 9, said to be coming next month, features a redesigned desktop. How do we know that? Well, a bunch of screenshots (20, to be precise) was leaked today.

Google Brings Aboard Qualcomm Exec For Fiber Expansion

The Fiber team at Google now has Dennis Kish at its head. Kish was previously a senior vice president at Qualcomm, but now he is a VP for Google Fiber. The role Kish has taken had been Milo Medin's, but Medin is stepping down and only remaining......

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Will Be Free On iOs

A soft launch has already taken place in New Zealand for Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on iOS. The game should be launching globally on the platform soon, and it has already been confirmed the mobile game will be free-to-play when it does. Pac-Man Championship

NASA Splits Space Taxi Deal Between Boeing And SpaceX

The $6.8 billion space taxi deal for NASA is being split between SpaceX and Boeing. It had been reported Boeing was going to take the vast majority of the deal and make SpaceX a secondary provider, but that is not the case. Of the $6.8 billion,......

Three Free Maps Added To Killzone: Shadow Fall

Three free maps have been added to Killzone: Shadow Fall. Sony's new maps include The Statue which is a competitive map around the Scolar Visari memorial statue. In addition to The Statue are the ATAC Tower and The Canal. Those two maps are co-op multiplayer

Round Apple Watch Concept Renders Are Beautiful

Should Apple have gone for a Smartwatch with a round display? Many think so, including me. A watch, at the end of the day, is supposed to be a round gadget with the appropriate dials that show the date, day, time etc. Apple Watch was unveiled two days ago.

EA CEO: Games Are Better At Telling Stories Than Movies

EA CEO Andrew Wilson may be biased when it comes to video games, but from his point of view, games are generally better at telling stories than movies. During the GamesBeat Conference, Wilson noted games are a "far more powerful" medium for storytelling

Apple A8 SoC Has 2 Billion Transistors, Built On 20nm Process

The new Apple A8 SoC unveiled last night is the most complicated chipset from Apple ever. Architectural improvements lend this dual-core processor about a 20% increase in performance over the Apple A7, which was their first 64-bit chipset introduced last year.

The Collider Game Launches On Steam

A port of The Collider from iOS and Android is now live on Steam. Shortbreak Studios describes its game as the "fastest" game available on Steam. The Collider is an arcade racer that takes place in a particle accelerator. While being rocketed at the speed of light you

Tagged Shazam Music Can Be Opened In Google Play

Shazam now includes integration with Google Play so that people can open their tagged music in Google Play for either streaming or purchase. Android users will be the first to access the new integration, but iOS users are getting the feature soon. Buying

Y Combinator Will Have A Class At Stanford

Y Combinator is not easy to get into, but you will soon have the ability to learn some of the things taught during the startup accelerator if you attend Stanford. In a week, a new class will begin at Stanford called How to Start a Startup, and the class will be

CyanogenMod 11 M10 Update Is Now Available For Download

CyanogenMod 11 M10 has been released to users, and the latest version of the software comes with a few changes and the addition of the CM Bug Tracker. With the new Bug Tracker, Cyanogen says users will be prompted to submit a log whenever something...

Mobile TunnelBear VPN Updated With New Design

The Android and iOS apps for the TunnelBear VPN have been updated with a fresh new look. TunnelBear's new look is very bright, and since its VPN is based around the locations of servers, the main interface is map-based. With TunnelBear, people can decide wear

Tesla Can Sell Directly To Consumers In MA

A lawsuit brought against Tesla over its car sales has been dismissed by the highest court in Massachusetts. The MA State Automobile Dealers Association had attempted to sue Tesla because it sells its cars directly to consumers. While there is a law on the books

Sony Announces SingStar October 29 Release Date

The release date for SingStar and SingStar: Ultimate Party has been announced. Sony says both games will be coming out on October 29. SingStar will only be made available for the PlayStation 4, while the other game will be offered for the PS4 and PS3. In a blog

Gay Filter Category Removed From Symantec's Software

Until now, Symantec's web filtering software has included the option for a gay filter, allowing companies to block access to all websites associated with the LGBT community. The software no longer includes that filter option now that Symantec has worked with GLAAD

Saudi Man Demands iPhone 6 From Sister's Fiance

The iPhone truly does have global appeal, and people go just as crazy over the new iPhone in Saudi Arabia as they do in the US. Take this situation, for example. A Saudi man has agreed to his sister getting married, and the only condition present for the marriage is

Netflix Will Have A New Judd Apatow Show

Netflix and Judd Apatow are working together on a new show, and there is already a deal between the two parties for two seasons. You may know Apatow from his work on Girls for HBO, the same company that Netflix has been targeting with a lot of its original content. 

California DMV Begins Approving Self-Driving Car Permits

Permits are officially going out for self-driving cars in the state of California. Three companies have been granted permits for their self-driving cars from the state DMV. Even with three companies now allowed to use their cars throughout the state, there are just 29

Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 Standalone Available On November 4

Toy Box 2.0 will be released as a standalone download on November 4 for anyone who has the current version of Disney Infinity. As long as current Infinity owners download the new Toy Box, they will be able to use the game with all upcoming play sets. The

HTC Nexus 9 Could Be Announced On October 8th

PhoneArena reports that HTC might debut the Nexus 9 tablet in their scheduled media event for October 8th. HTC's event for the aforementioned date is titled "double exposure" which we assume is referring to the HTC Eye, a GoPro like device, from the Taiwanese firm.

Android 4.4.4 Rolling Out To Xperia Devices

Android 4.4.4 is now in the process of going out to Sony's Xperia devices. An announcement from the company has confirmed the operating system update is now going out to the Xperia Z, ZL, ZR, and Tablet Z. Sony stated in a tweet about the software update that it

Pure Edition Moto X Works With T-Mobile, AT&T

The unlocked Moto X, otherwise known as the Pure Edition, comes with support for both T-Mobile and AT&T LTE bands. Last year's version was geared towards T-Mobile, so at least more people can use the phone this year with there being support for AT&T. If you are

China Not Expected To Get iPhone 6 Until 2015

Insiders have provided information claiming China may not get the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus until 2015 because the phone did not get regulatory approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The 21st Century Business Herald reports the phones are

Verizon Temporarily Allowing Customers To Upgrade Early

Most carriers are trying to offer something special now the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are here. Verizon Wireless' attempt to make customers happy involves letting people upgrade early as long as they were going to be eligible by November 15. If that applies to you, Verizon

New Game From Guerrilla Games May Have Robot Dinosaurs

A new game from Guerrilla Games, the company behind Killzone, allegedly includes robot dinosaurs, and there are images from the game to back that up. Two pictures have been leaked from the game which is going by the name "Horizon", the images show...

Microsoft Will Give Away Free Cars For Forza Horizon 2 Launch

A set of eight cars will be provided by Microsoft for free to Forza Horizon 2 players once the game is released on September 30. The cars offered in the special launch DLC stretch from the 1950s all the way to cars from 2015. Among those cars are the 1956 Ford F-100

These Are The Games At Tokyo Game Show

A list of the games set to appear at Tokyo Game Show this week has come out, and in total, the show will feature 80 games for a variety of platforms. Along with showing off different titles, both released and unreleased, the Tokyo Game Show will feature virtual