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Sharp Aquos S2 Gets Dissasembled

Sharp's latest premium smartphone has just received a teardown treatment, revealing what is inside and how well it is designed. The phone is relatively easy to fix and probably the biggest problem is opening the phone due to the glued rear panel. Once you get past the back panel,

Revamped Skype App Reaches Desktop PCs

Back in June, Microsoft launched a completely redesigned mobile app that was also the biggest update since 2006, when the voice calls were introduced. The new app is now available for all Windows 10 users, while Mac and non-Windows 10 PC users can download a preview of the app.

Essential PH-1 Handset Now Available For Pre-Order

Essential's CEO Andy Rubin has now announced that the much anticipated Essential PH-1 is available for pre-order from Essential.com, BestBuy.com, and Amazon, as well as from Sprint. After missing pretty much every deadline, this gives hope that the launch is finally close.

Apple Watch Series 3 Enters Final Testing Phase

The Cupertino company is having pretty busy schedule ahead, with several product announcements. With three new iPhones, Apple is also rumoured to announce the next-gen smartwatch called Watch Series 3 during an event that will likely take place sometime in mid-September.

YouTube TV Reaches 14 New Cities In The US

YouTube TV service recently went live in 10 cities in the United States and Google has now announced another major expansion of the service, spreading its availability to more areas quite fast. The service has reached 14 new cities in the United States and is now available in 29

Google Home Can Now Make Calls

Google has just announced that its smart speaker is receiving a software update with an interesting feature for users in the United States and Canada. Starting today, users will be able to use the Google Home as a phone to make voice calls for free, so long as the call recipient

HTC Reports Another Bad Quarter

HTC's latest smartphones are very good devices, but not many people are actually interested in them and according to the Q2 results, it is only a matter of time before HTC exits the mobile market, if something drastically doesn't change. The company has now announced its
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