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Raid Battles Arrive In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go's recently announced Raid Battles feature is now available for players who've gotten past level 35. With the feature, you can work with others to take down Pokemon in specific real-life locations. Raid Battles will be carried out at "select gyms around the world."

1,100 Uber Employees Ask For Kalanick's Return

More than 1,100 Uber employees have signed a petition requesting the return of Travis Kalanick to an active role within the company, such as returning to this CEO position. Members of the media and Uber's shareholders may not love Kalanick, but he's fairly well-liked internally.

OnePlus 5 Teardown Shows Strong Overall Build

OnePlus has finally launched its new flagship smartphone and first reports show that the "flagship killer" is all but a killer. The OnePlus 5 has good, but not great camera and is mostly an incremental upgrade over its predecessor. Still, the teardown shows decent

YouTube Announces VR180 Video Format

Not everyone wants to watch the 360-degree videos as the technology has yet to mature. Because of that, YouTube is working on a new virtual reality format for creating content in 180-degrees called 'VR180.' YouTube also said that the format would allow creators to make VR

Samsung Launches Galaxy Folder 2 Flip Phone

Samsung's latest flip phone that was announced back in September and went on sale in China, has now reached a new country. The company has launched the Galaxy Folder 2 in its home country of South Korea and both the 3G and LTE versions are available.
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