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Facebook Live To Get Snapchat-Like Filters

Facebook's live streaming platform that is now built into Facebook is about to get a big update. During VidCon, the company has announced several new big updates for Facebook Live, and one of them that it will soon get Snapchat-like filter from a company called Masquerade.

Microsoft Surface 3To Get Discontinued In December

The affordable Surface 3 2-in-1 tablet is available for more than a year, and while we have heard rumours about the new flagship Surface tablet, there is no sign of a new low-cost tablet. We can expect a successor to the Surface 3, especially since it won't be in production soon.

Next Week in Gaming: June - Week Five

Continuing on from last week, this series of articles is to help keep you guys up to date with what's been happening in the gaming world, and fill you in on what's coming in the week to come. I'll be announcing game releases, interviews, as well as the latest sales.
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