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Xiaomi Mi Drone Unveiled, Begins At $380

Xiaomi held its official unveiling of the Mi Drone today and revealed the device will begin at only $380, which is much better than the $600 that had been reported. The Mi Drone supports 1080p recording at $380 and 4K recording at $460. Both versions use a 104-degree lens.

Overwatch Will Get Ranked Play In June

Overwatch, a shooter from Blizzard, is finally available. But, it has been released without ranked play, one of its key components. The game's lead designer, Jeff Kaplan, says ranked play should be introduced as part of a content update by late June.

Google Ends Sales Of Nexus Player

Google is no longer selling the ASUS-made Nexus Player, an Android TV box that provided access to many streaming services. Now that the Nexus Player is gone from Google's store, you must buy a product like the Nvidia Shield if you still want an Android TV experience.

E Ink Unveils Color ePaper Display

Future ePaper displays won't be limited to displaying content in black and white. E Ink, the company behind ePaper, has unveiled a color ePaper display, though it's only going to be used for signs right now, not eReaders. The display can produce 32,000 colors.
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