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DJI Launches New Version Of Osmo Gimbal

DJI has announced that a new Osmo gimbal, the handheld version of the stabilizing gimbal and camera that you find on its drones, is now available for purchase. The new DJI Osmo Plus is available for purchase for $649, which is an $80 increase in price over the regular Osmo.

Motorola Moto Z Play Coming Early Next Month

Motorola's third member of the new Moto Z lineup, and the most affordable one, is now expected to be released early next month. According to new images, the phone is already being advertised in various Chinese stores, which reveal September 6 as a launch date.

Apple Addresses Vulnerability With iOS Update

An important security update is now out for iOS and it is recommended everyone install it. The update, called iOS 9.3.5, fixes a vulnerability that has been exploited by spyware. Apple immediately went to work on fixing the problem, which was discussed this week.
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