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Microsoft To Finalize Windows 10 This Week

Windows 10 should be finalized this week, according to numerous reports. The operating system needs to be ready for its July 29 release date and WinBeta has already come across a new Windows 10 build that is ready for manufacturers. Microsoft considers this build to be complete.

Ellen Pao, Reddit CEO, Apologizes To Users

Reddit's controversial CEO, Ellen Pao, has issued an apology to users following the company's removal of a popular administrator. The removal of that administrator came after the introduction of greater censorship on the site and users have responded negatively to Reddit's moves.

Instagram Photos Get HD Upgrade

Photos are now being stored at a higher resolution on Instagram, moving the network past 640 x 640 pictures. As of this past Friday, Instagram is storing pictures in 1080 x 1080 but they are not yet being displayed at that resolution. HD photos should be displayed soon.

ASUS Announces Pegasus 2 Plus Handset

ASUS continues doing great in mobile market and has just updated its Pegasus line of smartphones. Dubbed the Pegasus 2 Plus, the phone will soon go on sale in China, followed by other markets. The company is also rumoured to launch a new ZenFone smartphone soon.

OnePlus 2 Price Tag Gets Detailed

When OnePlus first came out, it had an amazing performance with an even better price tag and that is what made him so successful, among some other things. Today, the company's CEO has a price tag for a new flagship smartphone, which will cost under $450 when launches.
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