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At NextPowerUp, our passion is to explore what comes next in consumer technology. Coming to you from the house of TechPowerUp, our belief system is constant: to bring you up to speed on the very latest in consumer technology, fastest.

We're big fans of man's ingenuity, and find ourselves at a point in time where it's easy to let that ingenuity take shape as interesting works of art, science, and technology.

We no longer live in an era where invention was a garage hobby, where souls had to be sold to big and mighty manufacturing corporations to get your stuff out to the masses.
Crowd-sourcing, easy collaboration with the likeminded, and competitive contract-manufacturers made sure every day is interesting in the life of the consumer.

Join us, as we chart our way through the vast landscape of consumer technology.

Our Team

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Tarun Balraj Editor-in-Chief btarunr@nextpowerup.com
Filip Panđić News Editor fpandjic@nextpowerup.com
Nathan L. Gaming Editor rcoon@techpowerup.com
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