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Nexus 6 Europe Release Gets Delayed

Pre-orders for the Nexus 6, which were supposed to begin from November 3rd in Europe, have been pushed back to a much later date. The delay is about two weeks, so pre-orders will eventually kick-off from November 18th. Note that you will only be able to pre-order it.

Google Nexus 6 Sells Out In The US

Google has kicked off the sale of its new Nexus Smartphone in the US. It looks like the Nexus 6 sales have picked up very well, with the phablet selling out within a couple of hours itself. This is despite the fact that the Nexus 6 is the pretty expensive.

IDC: Xiaomi Is The 3rd Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Xiaomi has done it. The phone maker from China, who came into existence four years ago in 2010, and entered the market only three years back in 2011, is now the world's third largest Smartphone manufacturer, according to IDC. Their growth numbers are amazing.

MPAA Says No To Google Glass, Galaxy Gear In Theaters

The MPAA has officially banned Google Glass and Galaxy Gear from theaters. It is a well known fact that the Motion Picture Association of America is outright against piracy, and their updated regulations that specifically target Google Glass and Galaxy Gear reminds us.

FCC May Soon Classify ISPs As Common Carriers

The Wall Street Journal reports the FCC is very close to re-classifying internet service providers as partial common carriers, thereby subjecting them to harsher net neutrality laws. Since the re-classification would not make the ISPs entirely common carriers, there

Starbucks Will Launch Coffee Delivery Service

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz has revealed plans from the company to launch a coffee delivery service within the next year. Shultz announced the plans during an earnings call, and they show the company plans to open the service through its current mobile application

Resogun May Reach The PS Vita

In a response to a comment on the PlayStation Blog, SCEE producer James Hawkins revealed Resogun would be reaching the PS Vita. The comment was posted on a blog post about Resogun and some of its latest additions, though everyone is focused on........

Print Syndicate T-Shirt Company Raises $4.25M

E-commerce startup Print Syndicate has raised a $4.25 million Series A, and the company has received funds from investors such as Data Point Capital, Tech Fund, and CNF Investments. Print Syndicate specializes in T-shirts and other fashion items, and it runs

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Reaches 60K Sales

Just in its first month, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has reached 60,000 sales. The game's developer, The Astronauts revealed the game sales information on Thursday. Of the 60,000 sales that have occurred in September and October, 77 percent have come from, Steam
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