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Sprint Introduces $75 Plan Through Best Buy

Sprint has come out with a new wireless plan which costs $75. The plan is exclusively available through Best Buy and it is called the Best Buy One Plan. A leased Android device can be used with the plan. Devices are available with unlimited talk, text, and data.

Google Adding Two Apps To Android Wear

Google is improving Android Wear by adding two new applications to the platform. The company has added Ingress, an augmented reality game, to Android Wear. Ingress was first revealed by Google in 2012 when it launched on Android phones. The other app is Field Trip.

Amazon Patents 3D Printer-Equipped Trucks

A patent from Amazon reveals the company is at least considering 3D printer-equipped trucks. The patent actually shows how Amazon could include 3D printers inside of vehicles to build products. Product creation and delivery would then be faster with such a system.

ATIV Book 9 Release Is On March 1

The release date for Samsung's ATIV Book 9 is March 1. Samsung revealed the computer during last year's CES and now it is finally going to be released. The ATIV Book 9 is made of aluminum, only weighs 2.09 pounds, and is 0.46-inches thick. The laptop is light and thin.

Uber Hack Leaves 50,000 Drivers Vulnerable

Uber was hacked in May, according to the company. The hack's full reach has not been determined but it is possible hackers accessed and stole data on 50,000 current and former drivers. An "unauthorized third party" was responsible for last year's attack. 

First Hyperloop Track To Be Built In 2016

The first Hyperloop track may be constructed next year, though it will still be a long time before a full-fledged track is operational. A startup called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has revealed it will build a 5-mile track for the system in 2016. 
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