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Watch Live Meerkat And Periscope Streams From Your Browser

Meerkat, and Periscope are out there trying to take over the world of social video streaming. But wait, if you don't have an iOS device, you can't join the party. Or can you? Listed on Product Hunt, a new website called Meerkat Streams allows you to do exactly that.

Play PAC-MAN On Google Maps, Only On April Fool's Day

Yes, your long-standing dream of playing Pac-Man using the real streets of this world as the map has come true. Head over to Google Maps and start playing Pac-Man on your PC. The game is also available on the Google Maps mobile apps, but you'll have to find a pin.

Samsung Delays New Home Automation Devices

Samsung is not going to launch its next-generation home automation products on time. The devices were supposed to come out in April but it is now expected the release will occur in Q3 2015, though no exact date is available. Samsung will be coming out with...

NSA Had Considered Ending Phone Spying

Before the Snowden leaks even came out, the NSA had at least considered ending its bulk phone spying. The Associated Press reports people at the NSA were questioning how valuable the phone spying program was. AP says internal critics felt the system...

Ericsson's iPhone Sales Ban Request Sparks ITC Probe

An iPhone sales ban request from Ericsson may actually move forward. Ericsson claims Apple violated parts of the Tariff Act of 1930 and illegally imported phones and tablets with patented technology. Ericsson's complaint has led to the Internet Trade...

LG G3 Vigor Has VoLTE On Rogers

The G3 Vigor is one of the first phones on Rogers receiving Voice over LTE (VoLTE.) With no money down, the Canadian wireless carrier will offer the G3 Vigor with a two-year Share Everything contract. If customers want to avoid contracts when getting the phone they...
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