A Blind Legend Review


A Blind Legend is one of the first in what I hope is a long line of VI(Visually Impaired)-friendly video games from developer DOWiNO, renowned for developing serious games to educate and inform players of social values. The most interesting aspect of this title is its total reliance on audio, and zero use of visual art. The game features full 3D environments, outlined in details through directional audio and cues, and even features a surprisingly challenging combat system. It's a game full of twists, throwing in numerous styles of gameplay from stealth, horse-riding, combat, and even careful navigation of treacherous terrain. Needless to say it's full of surprises that you might not expect to be possible to develop in a game without visual direction.


You play Edward Blake, a formidable and quite legendary knight who has become blind after his exploits in battle. Edward's wife has been kidnapped by the tyrannical king named Thork, a man possessing superhuman strength and who leads through violence. Edward is assisted by his ten year old daughter Louise, who helps Edward to escape the malevolent leader's army and traverse the vast environments. It's a game set in an ancient medieval era with the odd bit of fantasy thrown in with giant "Brain Eaters" and hydras attacking fishing villages. It makes for a decent story once you get past the rough and ready intro, but it does at times feel a bit juvenile in scope.

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