Adr1ft Review


Adr1ft is a space "experience" by THREE ONE ZERO, one of the first games highlighted in the recent preorder storm of VR devices. For the most part it's a chance to float around in a near-realistic space environment and boost your way through a massive and beautiful environment. It strikes a Gravity tone throughout, although there's a fair amount more dialogue (usually one sided), and plenty of audio logs and computer terminal excerpts to read through. It champions itself as one of the more beautiful Unreal Engine 4 titles, and you'll find yourself staring down at Earth on multiple occasions in awe. The real question is does it sell the experience well enough to push VR? We tried our hands at the non-VR build to see if it pushed our buttons.


In some catastrophic event that is never actually explained in any detail, the HAN IV space station is almost entirely obliterated, killing all astronauts in the process besides Alex Oshima, the surviving player character. You job is to traverse the deadly environment, carefully uncovering the lives of your lost colleagues, and to try to reactivate the EEV to escape back to earth. It's a relatively simple story, though in total honesty, not a whole lot of story is really told. Not a great deal is revealed about each of the characters besides some acute snippets of their personal troubles. Oshima rarely talks, so don't expect a The Martian style humour trip.

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