Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Review


Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a fresh new take on the Warhammer IP from Tindalos Interactive, opting for a semi-RTS style. Instead of creating an engine in-house, or using one the many strategy engines available, they've opted to wow players with the newer Unreal Engine 4. While this means the visuals look tip top, it does have an adverse effect on performance. The game features a full campaign mode, ripe with RPG elements, a relatively decent story as far as Warhammer games go, as well as a familiar map to those well versed in Dawn of War. It also features a multiplayer mode, something most beta players have had time to play with. For now however, we'll be sticking to the campaign mode for our review.


The Gothic sector is under attack from all sides. You play general Spire, commander of the Imperial Navy, and after a quick escape from Chaos forces you're forced to protect the sector from all angles. The demon lord Abaddon is snatching up powerful relics from various worlds, the Orcs are smashing things… because reasons, your allies are defecting to the force of chaos, and the Eldar are striking transport convoys like dastardly corsairs. Your job is to put an end to the Chaos invasion, and prevent the loss of worlds in the sector. Interestingly your failures do not spell "restart game", but instead have direct effects on how the story unfolds and what you're up against.

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