Blood Alloy: Reborn Review


Blood Alloy: Reborn is a score orientated title, visually similar to the Metroid games you may have played on the old handheld Gameboy. The key difference is the insane movement system, which is both delightfully complex, and insanely fast. Visually it's a total throwback to every handheld platformer game, with the futuristic tile-set, cyborg everything, and a difficulty that could indeed rival Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Gameboy Pocket. It borrows a few things here and there from Metroid and Mega Man, but focuses on massing points instead of any kind of story progression. It is from the very beginning a game designed to be played for the points, the promise of eventual leaderboards, and generally self-set goals. Actual available content is small in quantity, but the idea is to drive the player to get as high a score as possible to unlock achievements and gear, as well as reveal bosses.


I don't think there is one, nor is there word of one being formulated to justify the gameplay. There are only three levels, all of which act like arenas as opposed to expanding levels you run through. To be honest I would have quite liked to see some kind of campaign mode that allowed you to expand your skill in movement, instead of limiting you to the same three arena levels. I think it's something they may not have wanted to do - it doesn't meld with the general idea of the game, but would have been an ace addition for a lot of potential buyers.

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