Bombshell: Performance Analysis

System Performance

CPU: Intel i7 4790 (Stock)
GPU: R9 295x2 (Stock)
RAM: Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB 2133CL12
Motherboard: MSI Z87M-Gaming
Storage: Samsung 840 EVO (OS)
Storage: WD 1TB 7200RPM (Game)
Display: Dell P2415Q 4K

VSync ON @ 60 FPS

Performance was OK, but a bit all over the place. The game has a full SLI profile but nought for AMD users. No biggie, I don't personally expect any game to arrive with a multi-GPU profile of any kind, in my mind it's a luxury addition. As I said before VSync didn't work, so I used an FPS cap within the Crimson software which caused some bizarre tearing. 1080p performance was about average, but I saw some really wild figures between minimum and maximum FPS. The game is graphically immense, and highly pretty, but most of the vast range comes from intense moments in the game, shortly followed by quiet sections. 4K was playable, but without that Crossfire profile I was left to stutter with just under 30FPS. There were numerous graphical artifacts when moving the mouse over menu items in and out of the game, the source of said corruption seems largely unknown. Weirdly I couldn't capture it with video or screenshots. There are also a couple of instances of AI glitching out and getting stuck, but nothing too frequent or jarring.

For reference, you can see how your GPU will perform in comparison to ours withthis set of charts.

NOTE: Precisely 50% GPU usage means only one GPU was put under load on the 295x2. This may indicate a lack of multi-GPU support.

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