Bombshell Review


After a long history with Duke Nukem, Interceptor 3D have decided to take a different direction with their hyper-violent shooter roots. That direction is Bombshell, a top down shooter featuring a female lead equipped with a bionic arm with interchangeable WMD's. It's a pretty unique direction, and by all accounts is a rather unique title all things considered. It doesn't quite breach the loot 'em up genre of games like Diablo and Path of Exile, so don't be fooled by the isometric look. Instead Bombshell focuses on some slightly more serious focused gameplay, asking that the player tactically annihilates enemies with some semblance of authority. There are still numerous skill-ups and unlocks to dive into, but thankfully no infinite-possibility loot system. You don't want that, if you did you'd find it elsewhere. What you want from Bombshell is some unabated shooter fun that isn't going to demand too much thinking time.


The Kyrr have dropped a small insurgency on the Whitehouse and kidnapped the president. You play as Shelly "Bombshell", a soldier who's had her arm blown off in a prior accident where none of her team survived. The arm has been replaced with the AI powered Amiga unit, capable of transforming itself into numerous types of weapons. After failing to prevent the abduction of the president, you take Shelly onto the Kyrr home world in order to blow the invaders to pieces and save the president. In the process you discover the Kyrr are being led by Dr Jadus Heskel, who's augmented himself to kingdom come - he now looks like a highly weaponised toaster with a face and sharp edges. The Kyrr home world was essentially annihilated by some great cataclysm years ago, so they've been forced to augment themselves to survive and invade other planets for their resources. As such, a currency called Ky is now used as their primary resource. It's not a special brand of jelly, by the way.

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