Firewatch Review


Firewatch is a story orientated title with a hefty focus on hiking, pairing the exploration of the story with your own understanding and experience of the environment. The game relies heavily on the conversations held between you and Delilah, both firewatchers for the local forest reserve, you being the new guy. With nothing but a radio in order to communicate between each other, you'll have a vast array of options within the conversation portion, as well as a fairly large map to explore at the same time. All the while, you'll be uncovering twists and turns in the story as you try to make sense of everything that's happening as you try to do the job you're employed to do. It's a bit of an emotional experience, but it's a seriously fulfilling one.


You play Henry, whose story is uncovered in a brief sequence of text-based menus before the main game starts. You married a woman named Julia and got a dog, though unfortunately in later life Julia developed Dementia. Things gradually got worse and Julia had to be put into care. As such Henry's life became hard, and an advert in the paper was his opportunity to get away from everything. He meets Delilah, a fellow Firewatch employee over the radio, both have the arrangement to report daily on the affairs of the forest, and of course watch for fires. The game doesn't simply focus on preventing a massive forest fire of course, as you soon discover that somebody isn't overly happy with your presence here. You find your tower sacked, and strange things are happening around the place, including an ominous looking fence within the reserve.

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