Hard Reset Redux: Performance Analysis

System Performance

CPU: Intel i7 4790 (Stock)
GPU: R9 295x2 (Stock)
RAM: Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB 2133CL12
Motherboard: MSI Z87M-Gaming
Storage: Samsung 840 EVO (OS)
Storage: WD 1TB 7200RPM (Game)
Display: Dell P2415Q 4K

VSync ON @ 60 FPS

The main changes from the original title come from different implementation of post processing and various effects. A number of things have changed from AO design and AA methods, and there's been a very clear focus on mass optimisations. For the most part the redux has been entirely successful in almost every regard, although I must be honest and note that the graphics don't look massively "better" than the original. There are small tells when you compare a screenshot between the two, but when you're floating around launching a typhoon of energy at incoming robots, it's hard for your mind to wander and notice the difference. It still looks ultra-shiny, and by most accounts if it had released as a brand new game one could very easily call it "modern" in terms of fidelity. My main disappointment is the total lack of multi-GPU support, something I firmly expected as a set addition to a remastering. While the game's godlike optimisations make that kind of support irrelevant, it still felt like a small betrayal to see a GPU core go idle.

For reference, you can see how your GPU will perform in comparison to ours with this set of charts.

NOTE: Precisely 50% GPU usage means only one GPU was put under load on the 295x2. This may indicate a lack of multi-GPU support.

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