Holodrive: Performance Analysis

System Performance

CPU: Intel i7 4790 (Stock)
GPU: R9 295x2 (Stock)
RAM: Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB 2133CL12
Motherboard: MSI Z87M-Gaming
Storage: Samsung 840 EVO (OS)
Storage: WD 1TB 7200RPM (Game)
Display: Dell P2415Q 4K

VSync ON @ 60 FPS

There's not too much to be said of performance to be fair. It's quite a low fidelity titles with a lot of pretty lights spouting from guns, but nothing too hefty. Performance slides closer to the low-midrange scale of systems, and as such runs silky smooth. The severe lack of video options and no way to turn off VSync doesn't allow much in the way of experimentations, but I imagine this game will run on most modern systems available to domestic users, as it should for a F2P title. It's a relatively silky smooth experience, but networking performance is bizarrely poor for an online title. Net code is shocking, hit detection is bad at the best of times, and a lot of gameplay is simply ruined by the warbling of client and server communication (or rather lack thereof). They're kinda large issues for an online game.

For reference, you can see how your GPU will perform in comparison to ours with this set of charts.

NOTE: Precisely 50% GPU usage means only one GPU was put under load on the 295x2. This may indicate a lack of multi-GPU support.

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