Mum Review


So this will be my last review for quite some time, and in an effort to do something at the community's behest, I neglected to realise that adding a "your mom" option is never a sensible idea in a poll - it always wins. I am a man of my word however, and a review of my mum beat out the competition by a mere ten votes, so here we have it. Bad journalism, nonsense, a waste of time, call it what you like, as my last review for the year I wanted to dump something a bit more personal for you to read and chuckle at even if it is at the expense of my dignity. The tale of my mother is a long and entirely preposterous one, but I shall endeavour to do my best to provide a wholly subjective critical write-up. I think I've actually already come to the conclusion that writing a critical piece on a game is far easier than writing what I'm about to embark upon, and perhaps reviewing an old or broken game would have been a little more to my taste. The result shows how hard it is to avoid a subject about your mum.

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