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Hatred: Performance Analysis

So, I expected much higher figures than I got. This is not a pretty game. Let's just get that statement out of the way so we can discuss it a little further. FPS never reached above 60 for more than a few seconds, and the framerates in both benchmarks were absolutely all over
What we liked
  • Adjustable FPS limiters
What didn't impress us
  • Badly optimised
  • Unacceptable performance figures

Hatred Review

Hatred is an isometric shooter, developed by Destructive Creations using Unreal Engine 4. After a grand amount of undeserved media attention and some skulduggery with being removed from Steam for a day or so, Hatred finally released a couple of weeks ago.
What we liked
  • Great environment physics
  • Well stocked video options
What didn't impress us
  • Art style hinders gameplay
  • Gunplay is bland
  • Overly repetitive objectives
  • Terrible script
  • Massively unstable aiming mode camera

Life is Strange: Performance Analysis

As the game is running through Unreal Engine 3, the results I got were mostly expected. On our hardware the framerates were sky high, and the power required for 60FPS was relatively tame in most cases. Overall sleekness of the title is certainly good enough,
What we liked
  • Low overall system usage
  • No FPS cap
What didn't impress us
  • Stutters occasionally

Life is Strange Review

Life is Strange is an episodic story-orientated game, developed by DONTNOD, and published by Square Enix. It's not a game or title I'd associate with that publisher, but all the same, it seems some of the larger players in the AAA industry are branching out into different areas.
What we liked
  • Beautifully crafted character personalities
  • Extremely accurate teen language use
  • Excellent story crafting
What didn't impress us
  • Pretty mediocre graphics
  • Linear levels
  • Too few time-manipulation puzzles
  • Style of genre not for everyone

BLADESTORM Nightmare: Performance Analysis

This game will not work in Windows 8 natively. You must set the compatibility to every .exe in the game's root directory to compatibility mode for Windows 7. NVidia users will need to downgrade to drivers 341.44, or drop everything to low, and users that are simply unlucky in
What we liked
  • Multithread optimised
What didn't impress us
  • Crashes, constantly
  • VSync limited to 60 or 30FPS
  • Hidden 60FPS cap
  • NVidia users must run driver 341.44 or below
  • OR run everything on Low settings
  • Has a memory leak

BLADESTORM Nightmare Review

BLADESTORM Nightmare (yes it's in capitals for no reason) is the PC version of the original BLADESTORM game from developers KOEI TECMO GAMES (may as well keep that capslock on). The original game, featuring the 100 years' war campaign came out in 2007 for Xbox 360 and PS3
What we liked
  • Massive squad clashes feel awesome
  • Fantastic battlefield size
What didn't impress us
  • Terrible UI's
  • Awful dialogue
  • Awful voice acting
  • Below average graphics
  • 50% repackaged 8 year old content
  • Super clunky unit animations
  • Full of bugs
  • Bosses have no mechanics, merely damage sponges

Magicka 2: Performance Analysis

No bugs, no nothing. Even accidentally decimating a character in mid dialogue didn't break the game (which happened in the previous title with a few wandering vortex's). It seems to have learned a great deal about launch quality, and I didn't come across anything horribly broken.
What we liked
  • Multithread optimised
  • Excellent engine optimisation
  • Almost bug-free
What didn't impress us
  • Engine is CPU heavy

Magicka 2 Review

Developers Pieces Interactive have brought us the second coming of Magicka, with bits of fresh everything, more giblets, shinier graphics and smoother than Vlad's undead bottom. Published by Paradox Interactive, Magicka is possibly most famous for being the most anti-co-op
What we liked
  • Great multiplayer
  • Better graphics
  • Mindless humour
  • Far less bugs than predecessor
  • Plenty of new and fresh content
  • Skippable cutscenes and dialogue
What didn't impress us
  • Slightly boring singleplayer
  • Quickslots not for everyone
  • Spell balance not for everyone
  • Tonnes of cutscenes

The Witcher 3: Performance Analysis

Now, for those on AMD cards I can't comment, however I would recommend turning GameWorks settings off entirely. I did not find the HairWorks crap relevant to my interests at all. At first it was interesting for the first thirty minutes, after that I wanted my framerate back.
What we liked
  • Great texture compression
  • Fully multi-threaded
What didn't impress us
  • GameWorks cripples performance
  • Massive Ultra requirements

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an Open World RPG, third in a series about Witchers, monsters, bedroom shenanigans and an awful lot of stupid royal people. The game was developed by CDProjekt RED in the REDengine 3, the third iteration of the engine since the original Witcher game.
What we liked
  • Game of the Year
  • Amazing value
  • Utterly beautiful
  • Tonnes of quality content
  • Great progression
  • Bursting video options menu
  • Truly personal experience
What didn't impress us
  • Clunky melee combat
  • Lacklustre tutorials
  • Minor UI bugs

NOT A HERO: Performance Analysis

CPU usage was essentially insignificant; Windows was using my processor more at an idle state than NOT A HERO during intense explosions and bloodletting. GPU usage was much the same, and even VRAM usage was probably half taken up by merely rendering my desktop background.
What we liked
  • Runs on peanut powered PCs
  • Flawless performance
What didn't impress us
  • Hidden FPS Cap
  • VSync forced


NOT A HERO is the brainchild of developer Roll7, and it represents British Indie entertainment at its best. Published by one of my favourite publishers, Devolver Digital, NOT A HERO makes use of the revered "ISO-Slant" engine, which is boasted on the Steam page
What we liked
  • Challenging optional objectives
  • Excellent humour
  • Flawless core gameplay
  • Great character variation
  • Fantastic visuals for 8bit
What didn't impress us
  • No video options menu at all

Wolfenstein - The Old Blood: Performance Analysis

Performance is a bit of an odd one, as there are a number of areas where performance issues got some face time. The first is the bloody awful input lag in the in-game menus, despite turning every setting I could think of off, I couldn't get rid of it.
What we liked
  • Multi-threaded CPU support
What didn't impress us
  • Hidden FPS cap
  • Awful performance scaling
  • Feels like a bad port
  • Menu screen mouse lag

Wolfenstein - The Old Blood Review

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is an expandalone, based a few years before the previous title New Order. As such, it's a prequel, made by the same devs, MachineGames, in the same engine, id Tech 5. Published by Bethesda, The Old Blood takes you back to Castle Wolfenstein in the first
What we liked
  • Great value
  • Perfect mix of story/gameplay
  • Beautiful environments
  • Awesome gunplay
  • Good perk implementation
What didn't impress us
  • Average character graphics
  • Bland, cookie-cutter bosses
  • Unimaginative difficulty modes

Titan Souls: Performance Analysis

Titan Souls in terms of PC performance is like comparing a sparrow's fart to a hurricane. Basically whatever you run it on, it will run. I saw no graphical issues, slowdowns, bugs, or anything of the sort impeding my right to shoot arrows at hulking impenetrable walls of titans.
What we liked
  • Miniscule requirements
What didn't impress us
  • Hidden FPS cap
  • VSync forced

Titan Souls Review

Titan Souls is less a mix of Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus than you might think. In fact, it has more in common with a GameBoy Zelda package of a Shadow of the Colossus game, only with the rogue-like rule of instant death. It shares the rolling and frustration of
What we liked
  • Massively varied encounters
  • Fantastic world creation
  • Great sense of achievement
  • Perfectly fluid movement
What didn't impress us
  • High price
  • Zero video options
  • Not everyone enjoys instagib games

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review: Phenomenal

Making cheap phones built of plastic went out of fashion, and while Samsung took an extra year to realize that, they finally did. Forget everything that you know about high-end Samsung phones and complaints about their build quality, for the Galaxy S6 Edge has arrived.
What we liked
  • TouchWiz is fast and beautiful.
  • Impressive build quality.
  • Phenomenal camera performance.
  • Bold design that will turn heads.
What didn't impress us
  • Battery life needs improvement.
  • Edge display is for showing off.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles - Performance Analysis

To be fair it ran like an absolute dream. The initial boot up stage of the game took a while, and the Ubisoft logo animation lagged, weirdly. Besides that, the game runs like absolute butter. I didn't notice any bugs, tearing, stutters. This is the case with pretty much every
What we liked
  • Super-low system requirements
  • Extremely smooth
What didn't impress us
  • Forced VSync
  • Hidden FPS cap

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Review

Assassin's Creed Chronicles is a 3D sidescroller, with platforming and adventure genres to boot. Following on from the Assassin's Creed series, this one takes a much more Indie approach to thing, utilising similar graphics styles as Child of Light (water colour), all packaged up
What we liked
  • Great art style
  • Genuinely unique Assassin's Creed game
  • Challenging, fun gameplay
  • True "play how you want"
What didn't impress us
  • Basic movement needs work
  • Default movement speed far too slow
  • Zero video options

Mortal Kombat X: Performance Analysis

For fighers, framerate is paramount. If you're not getting completely fluid 30, 45 or 60 FPS, then your moves get interrupted by choppy framerate. I watched my FPS meter very carefully, and noticed that the below charts may be misleading somewhat. The game ran at 60FPS
What we liked
  • Low GPU load
What didn't impress us
  • Massive VRAM requirement
  • VSync forced
  • Constant change in FPS cap