SOMA Review


SOMA is a story-driven horror title, littered with puzzle aspects and the most bizarre creations of the human mind. It's by Amnesia folk Frictional Games, taking place in an underwater world filled with both neutral and insane robots with human consciousness. Those who have played Amnesia will be looking at something similar to that title, but with a fair amount less horror. The game is focused quite heavily on the characters, dialogue and story behind the whole affair. That's not to say it isn't terrifying. There are still signature audio cues to get the hairs on the back of your neck on end, dark and moving environments, and a slew of varied terrors in the dark depths. You'll find yourself trekking through deep sea buildings and across the vast depths, coming across all manners of moving uglies.


So the first fifteen minutes of gameplay directly affect the storyline as a whole, but they're officially out of bounds because spoilers. Instead, I'll just say you start off waking up in a large dark room in a chair, with all manner of things around you. You soon discover people's consciousness have been transferred into various robots about the place. What few living people are left are essentially vegetables kept alive by some weird growth that seems to have taken a hold of every station. You quickly discover you're at the bottom of the seabed, and everybody around here seems to have been working on some sort of secret project. Besides not getting killed by the insane floaty red robots with desperate voices of agony, your job is to figure out what went wrong. Not only that, but you know, escape from the big ugly death robot people. You'll also quickly find Catherine, another survivor in one of the other bases, who will help you in your travels between each station. There are a number of robots of varying kinds: The veggies that don't do much other than cry when you unplug them, the crazy ass murderous ones, and the nice ones that either talk to you or help you. Be sure you figure out which type they are before you come into murdering distance though.

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