The Collider 2 Review


The Collider 2 is the sequel to Shortbreak Studios' original mobile title, reimagined in the gorgeous Unreal Engine 4, and accompanied by a soundtrack that delightfully reminds you of ye olde days of Rogue Squadron. It's a brutally challenging, fast paced game designed for those score chasers and people looking to dive in and out for a few quick blitzes of entertainment. The game adds a load of upgrades and ship purchases for some player earned persistence, and features a surprisingly large amount of singleplayer main campaign content, spanning across several sectors and level types. What you see is as a heavily refined game built upon simplistic core objectives, made all the more challenging by adding sheer speed.


With a game such as this it almost feels irrelevant adding some form of backstory. That said, they've had a quick shot at it, though I'm not entirely convinced the gameplay matches what you're supposed to be doing. A gigantic alien mothership is in the process of an all-out assault on your planet, pretty much annihilating it from orbit. As a planetary defence pilot, it's your job to take it out from inside the enormous thing. How? By flying through rings and gaps in an apparently infinitely long tunnel while collecting peculiarly placed gold coins and arbitrarily included floating artifacts. How exactly flying through a preposterously designed tunnel achieves that, I don't know. It's a very loose "reason for playing", and I'd hazard a guess that not a single player would care if there were no storyline behind it all.

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