News Posts by Seth Fitzgerald

Gmail For iOS Gets Phishing Protection

Phishing protection arrived on Gmail for Android a few months ago and now the same capabilities have been introduced to the iOS app. Over the coming weeks, the anti-phishing features will become available, reducing the chance of people being harmed by malicious links in emails.

Nintendo Sued Over Switch's Controllers

A lawsuit filed against Nintendo claims the Switch's detachable controller design is covered by an existing patent. The filing comes from accessory maker Gamevice, which holds patents covering tech used in the Wikipad, an Android tablet. Gamevice is seeking a monetary settlement.

SoundCloud Gets Emergency $170M Investment

SoundCloud's days are slightly less numbered than they had the potential of being earlier today. On Friday, the company received an emergency $170 million investment from two sources. The company is also getting some new executives. Kerry Trainor will lead the company.

Amazon To Deliver Refrigeration-Free Meals

Amazon is said to be working on a food delivery service that'll specialize in meals that don't require refrigeration, making them easier to ship and less costly. Reuters claims the company is interested in using microwave assisted thermal sterilization (MATS).

Snap's Q2 Earnings Lead To Share Decline

Following yet another disappointing earnings report, Snap's shares fell 14%, dipping below $12. The company reported just $181.7 million in revenue, missing its forecasted $186.2 million. And it had a loss of 16 cents per share, above the 14 cents per share investors expected.

HBO May Have Offered Hackers $250,000

HBO reportedly tried to pay off its hackers with a $250,000 lump sum that would have been treated as a "bug bounty payment." Those hackers recently breached HBO's systems, giving them access to unreleased content, emails, and other important private data.

Amazon Planning To Sell Event Tickets

Amazon reportedly wants to enter the business of selling event tickets in the United States. Reuters claims the company is speaking with venue owners about offering tickets to their events, which would turn Amazon into a large competitor to Ticketmaster.

Uber's Travis Kalanick Sued By Major Investor

Benchmark, one of the early investors in Uber, has sued former CEO Travis Kalanick. He's accused of committing fraud, breaching contracts, and breaching his fiduciary duty. The venture capital firm says the former CEO has acted "selfishly" and possibly illegally.

SoundCloud Facing 'Do Or Die' Decision

SoundCloud is facing one of the tensest moments in its history. A memo sent to shareholders reveals the company has a pending reorganization proposal that it considers "do or die." If its not approved by the company's board, SoundCloud could run out of money.

Discord Tests Video Chat, Screen Sharing

Discord, a chat app geared towards gamers, is making a play to become more of a true Skype competitor. The service is now testing screen sharing and video chat with 5% of its user base. Early responses from users indicate the features work quite well.