News Posts by Seth Fitzgerald

Google's Allo Will Be On Desktop

Google's Allo messaging app is not going to be exclusive to mobile devices. Although a desktop version still isn't available, Google's VP of communications Nick Fox shared a screenshot of Allo for the web on Twitter. The app appears to be only for Chrome.

Amazon Alexa Passes 10,000 Skills

There are now over 10,000 "skills" available for Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant. It only had 1,000 skills in June 2016 and that figure increased to about 7,000 by January of this year. Alexa has received a significant amount of third-party support.

Spotify Adds Three Original Podcasts

Spotify is increasing its original content by introducing three podcasts to the music streaming service. The podcasts are focused on the music industry and they're coming out of partnerships with Panoply Studios, Gimlet Media, and Loudspeaker Network.

Lyft Expands To 54 More US Cities

Lyft has entered 54 additional markets throughout the United States, representing the company's largest single expansion thus far. The company also added 40 cities in January and revealed its plan to add over 100 cities this year. With this expansion, it's in 94 new locations.

Nintendo Switch Initially Lacks Virtual Console

Virtual Console isn't going to be ready for the Nintendo Switch in time for the console's launch in early March. Nintendo has confirmed the feature "will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch." The feature gives access to retro games in a digital form.