News Posts by Seth Fitzgerald

BT Fined £42M By Ofcom

Ofcom has hit BT with a £42 million penalty due to the company illegitimately reducing its compensation payments for not installing lines in a timely manner. BT compensates third-party providers when leased lines aren't delivered on time and it attempted to save money.

Apple Increasing AR Glasses Efforts

Apple is dedicating more resources to augmented reality initiatives, including AR eyewear, reports the Financial Times. It's still a year or more away from debuting any devices, but Apple has reportedly been "stepping up" its efforts. It's building a consumer AR product.

Bungie Announces Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has officially been announced by Bungie. The game was confirmed on Twitter and a teaser image has been released. Effectively nothing is known about the game other than that it's coming down the pipeline. No release date was mentioned in the tweet.

Cortana Now Works On Android Lock Screen

Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana can now function on Android's lock screen, allowing it to be used as a more complete alternative to competing assistants. This feature entered the app's beta in January and now all users are gaining access to it.

Sony PS4 Pro Can Now Play 4K Videos

4K videos are now viewable on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The higher-spec console has been updated so that its built-in media player can support 4K videos, although they must be in MP4. MKV content isn't currently allowed. This update also improves VR content viewing.

Android's Andy Rubin Teases A New Smartphone

Andy Rubin, creator of Android, is working on a new smartphone and he's now teasing the upcoming device. The first image of the product has been released. Almost nothing is revealed by the photo other than a corner of the phone. The phone may be revealed in the coming months.