Audio News

Apple TV 4K Will Get Dolby Atmos

Support for Dolby Atmos audio will be added to the Apple TV 4K. Lack of support for that standard, which is quite important for an optimal home theater setup, has modestly infringed upon early reviews of the new streaming device. Apple has confirmed support will arrive.

Apple Launches urBeats3 In-Ear Headphones

Apple has quietly launched a new in-ear headphone model through its Beats division. The urBeats 3 earphones weren't mentioned at all during Apple's big event on Tuesday, but now they've appeared on the company's site for $100 in matte silver, matte gold, and black.

Dolby Atmos Support Arriving On Netflix

Netflix is slowly adding support for Dolby Atmos sound to its lineup, starting with a limited range of devices and only one piece of original content. It'll then add the feature to more devices and content "over time." The first movie to receive Atmos is Okja, a recent film.

Sonos Playbase Costs $700, Sits Below TV

Sonos has a new home theater speaker, the Playbase, that your TV will sit on. The Playbase is intended for consumers who haven't wall-mounted their television. If you're currently just using a stand, it's a good alternative to the Playbar. It has a price tag of $700.

Delayed BeatsX Headphones Arrive February 10

Apple subsidiary Beats Electronics will release its BeatsX headphones on February 10. They'll be available for $150 from and authorized resellers in white and black. Additional colors, grey and blue, will be available soon. The BeatsX are wireless.

Tidal Adds Ability To Edit Any Track

Music streaming service Tidal has introduced a feature called "Track Edit" that lets users edit any song in the service's library. Your editing options are limited, but the mobile app lets you adjust the tempo up to 16% and fade the song in or out by 10 seconds.

Google Chrome Adding FLAC Audio Support

The next Google Chrome release (version 56) will come with support for FLAC lossless audio. Beta testers already have access to the feature. Support for the audio file format will please audiophiles, though it won't necessarily make much of a difference for most users.

Wireless Earbuds To Launch Alongside Galaxy S8

Samsung is reportedly going to launch new wireless in-ear headphones at the same time as the Galaxy S8. The earbuds may be a successor to the IconX, according to a report from SamMobile. If the S8 does indeed lack a 3.5 mm headphone jack, launching the earbuds makes sense.

Sony Releasing New Wireless PS4 Headset In January

Sony is coming out with a new pair of high-end wireless headphones for its PS4 console. The newly introduced Platinum Wireless Headset supports 7.1 virtual surround sound and offers noise cancelling. It'll be out on January 17. The headset comes with 3D audio support.