Business News

Amazon Intros Business Prime Shipping

Amazon is updating its program for businesses to include free two-day shipping that's similar to what it offers regular consumers. Amazon Business members can now get two-day shipping on any qualifying item. Before the program only offered free shipping on orders over $49.

UK Blames North Korea For WannaCry

The WannaCry malware that spread early this summer has been publicly blamed on North Korea by UK officials. According to Security Minister Ben Wallace, who spoke on the topic during a BBC interview, North Korea is the most likely state actor. The investigation wasn't detailed.

Facebook Implementing Greater Ad Transparency

Just after we learned of Twitter's new transparency plan for advertisements, particularly political ads, Facebook has detailed a similar initiative. On Friday, the social network announced it would start requiring identity disclosures for all federal election ads in the US.

Saudi Arabia Investing $1B In Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson's private space company, Virgin Galactic, is receiving a $1 billion investment from Saudi Arabia. That money will be distributed to Virgin Galactic and its spinoffs, The Spaceship Company and Virgin Orbit. This investment is arising from a new partnership.

Strong Q3 Performance Boosts Amazon's Share Value

Amazon's shares jumped by more than 7% during after hours trading on Thursday in response to notably strong Q3 financial performance. The company recorded $43.7 billion in revenue, surpassing an average estimate of $42.1 billion. $1.3 billion of that came from Whole Foods.

Spotify Drops Existing Set Of Original Shows

Spotify is ending all of its existing original TV show plans and intends to reconfigure its approach in the original content space. Though it's still working on some form of TV-like content, the music streaming service isn't pursuing the shows it had already planned.