Cinema News

Sony Unveils Three New Home 4K Projectors

To expand its home projectors lineup, Sony has announced three new 4K projectors that are HDR and HDR10 compatible, and are fitted with Sony's proprietary SXRD panel in a drive for class-leading images. Unfortunately, prices for these projectors are very high, starting at $7,999

LG Unveils Two New LED Projectors

LG has now announced that it is expanding its offering of LED projectors. The category leader has now announced two new projectors called ProBeam UST (Ultra Short-Throw) laser projector (model HF85JA) and LG MiniBeam (model PH30JG). The availability and pricing details will be

Oculus No Longer Making In-House VR Films

Oculus is no longer focusing on internal content production to the same degree. Facebook has decided to shut down the company's Story Studio, meaning Oculus is exiting the virtual reality film production business. It'll focus on supporting external production endeavors.

Minecraft Movie Given 2019 Release Date

A feature film adaptation of Minecraft will premiere on May 25, 2019. The Warner Bros. film has been in the works for years and development hasn't gone smoothly. Director Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Night at the Museum) was in charge of the project, but he ditched it in 2014.