Gadgets News

Light Focusing Device Invented at Caltech

Engineers at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have invented a light focusing device that will concentrate light to just a few Nanometers. This could lead to new technology in communications, computing, television, and imaging (just to name but a few).

XBox 360 Sales for November Top 1 Million

Releasing their November totals for sales of the Xbox 360 in the United States, Microsoft reports that after a huge Black Friday week uptick, the Xbox 360 pulled off a total of 1.26 million units for the month. The week of Back Friday saw unit sales of 750,000 units.

Gigabyte Rolls Out 6,600 mAh USB Power Bank

Gigabyte Technology stepped out of its PC hardware walled garden to release OTG G66B1, a portable lithium-ion power-bank that can store 6,600 mAh of power, letting you keep some in reserve for your smartphones and tablets. It conducts all its business over USB.

Samsung Intros Mobile Beam Projector Accessory

Even though Samsung has already made a couple of attempts to integrate a pico projector into a phone, its newest solution is an interesting accessory for Galaxy smartphones. Mobile Beam Projector is a standalone device which allows you to project various contents.

Oculus Rift Ship Date Moved Out

The highly anticipated Oculus Rift ship date has been moved out to March of 2013 according to an update notice on the Oculus team's Kickstarter webpage. The Oculus Rift ia a video headset that will immerse the user in a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Square Crosses $10B in Transactions/Year

Mobile payments processor Square announced that it is now pushing over $10 billion worth transactions per year. The company crossed the $5 billion per year mark just this spring, and $8 billion/yr. from a few weeks ago. Its recent deal with Starbucks is doing wonders.