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Amazon Echo Line Begins Shipping In India

Amazon's Echo smart speaker line is now shipping in India. The company announced earlier this month that those devices would become available in the region. Now consumers will receive the Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot. The units shipping out are from an invite-only offer.

Square Reveals Full Payment Register

Square introduced a new product on Monday that's intended for larger business. Its new "Square Register" functions as an alternative checkout option that's more professional than having people check out using a small chip reader or a tablet. It has a tablet-like form.

Sony's Xperia Touch Get Android 7.1.1

Sony has been working on a new touchscreen project for a few years now that was only recently launched in the United States. The Xperia Touch is available in the US from the Amazon, the Sony Square display room in New York and select T-Mobile stores in Chicago, Los Angeles and

Casio Unveils New Hybrid Smartwatch

Casio is one of the most popular watchmakers in the world and as such, the company had to enter the smartwatch market. That doesn't mean it will no longer make normal watch, just new products will be released. Today, the company has announced a new hybrid smartwatch.

Amazon Launches Paid Subscription For Alexa Skills

Amazon's Echo devices and digital assistant Alexa have quickly gained popularity around the globe and the company now commands 70% of the voice-controlled speaker market. Because of that, it has decided to experiment with a new paid subscription for "premium" Alexa skills.

Microsoft Officially Kills The Kinect

The Kinect is no more. Microsoft launched the motion-sensing device seven years ago and it has sold 35 million units since then. Now, the company has confirmed all manufacturing is over and the Kinect will no longer be sold. Its technology will persist in other products.

Sony Announces Xperia Hello Smart Speaker

There are various smart speakers available on the market, but Sony's latest smart speaker is trying to take the smart home speakers to the next level. Called the Xperia Hello, the smart home speaker can do pretty much everything like other speakers, such as telling you about the