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NanoPi Neo Plus 2 Is Another Raspberry Pi Rival

Raspberry Pi is definitely one of the most popular makers of single-board computers, but those familiar with the market also know that there are a lot of other computers that are as good as the Pi boards, and sometimes also cheaper. Now, FriendlyARM has announced

Samsung Also Planning To Release Smart Speaker

Samsung has no intention of being left out of the burgeoning smart speaker market. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is going to come out with its own speaker running Bixby, its Siri-like assistant. The new report supports some earlier rumors regarding the upcoming device.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Receives A Price Cut

The latest version of Samsung's Gear 360 camera launched back in May this year has received a small price cut in the United States. Previously, the camera was selling for $229.99, but for a limited time, you can get it for $189.36 from Amazon, saving you over $40.

Samsung's Gear VR Headset Prototype Revealed

We have already heard about Samsung's upcoming headset, but not exact specifications were revealed. Thanks to Visual Camp, a company that's developed eye-tracking technology used in the VR headset, we have a first look at Samsung's new Gear VR headset.

Latest Moto Mod Is A 360-Degree Camera

Motorola is coming out with a new accessory that'll work with all Moto Mod-capable devices. It's a 360-degree camera mod that'll snap on to the top of your phone. The accessory will be positioned as a competitor to Samsung's Gear 360 products, which offer 360-degree shooting.

Alibaba Working On Echo-Like Smart Speaker

China's biggest e-commerce and cloud-computing company, is reportedly working on a Chinese voice-controlled smart speaker. The device is similar to Amazon's Echo and might be announced as early as next week, according to people familiar with the matter.

SpaceX Postpones Launch To Monday

SpaceX has postponed its Falcon 9 launch and is now planning to carry out the mission on Monday. It was originally going to launch Sunday evening. While the weather was entirely fine, SpaceX had to cancel the mission just before liftoff. It'll try again tomorrow.

MediaTek Introduces New SoC For Internet Of Things

MediaTek MT2625 system on a chip is the company's latest solution for Internet of Things. With this new chip, which is very small measuring only 16 x 18mm and supports full frequency band, MediaTek hopes to enable partners to quickly put together small, affordable smart devices.

Google Home Gets Bluetooth Support

After receiving support for multiple users, which is not yet available for all, Google Home is now getting another new feature. The Bluetooth support is finally rolling out to Google's smart speaker, which was announced at Google I/O last month along with several other

TCL Launches Its Movetime Smartwatch

TCL has just announced that its Movetime smartwatch is officially available in India. There is no word on availability in other regions, but the smartwatch is priced at Rs. 9,999 or around $150 at the current exchange rate and is now exclusively available on

Google Home Now Available In Canada

Google's smart speaker is now available in a new market: Canada. The Google Home has become the first major smart speaker product to arrive in the region, even beating the Amazon Echo, which has been available longer. Home works with Canadian English and French.