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Samsung Mixed Reality Headset Costs $499

Samsung's Mixed Reality headset for the Windows Mixed Reality platform is now official. Images of the device recently leaked and it was formally introduced during Microsoft's Mixed Reality event on Tuesday. The headset, known as the HMD Odyssey, ships on November 3.

Android 8.0 Oreo Coming To Android Wear

Android 8.0 Oreo is slowly reaching new smartphones and with that being out of the way, Google has started working on a software update for Android Wear. The company has now announced a beta program for Android Wear that allows you to test upcoming features.

DJI Launches Privacy Mode For Its Drones

DJI is currently the most popular, if not the best, drone maker on the market and they are not slowing down. Following the US Army ban due to possible cyber vulnerabilities, the company has now launched a new feature called Local Data Mode that was announced back in August.

Sony Unveils Updated PlayStation VR Headset

The VR headset market is improving each day, but there are still only a few products available on the market and they are rather expensive. To improve experience, Sony has now announced that its virtual reality headset received upgrades and improvements, and will be launched

Tesla Sending Many Powerwalls To Puerto Rico

To assist with Puerto Rico's energy crisis in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Tesla has sent hundreds of Powerwall batteries to the island. With the entire island out of power, the Powerwall units could help store energy from local solar panels, providing some areas with more power.

Samsung Gear IconX Now Selling For $49.99

If you are thinking about buying a new pair of wireless earbuds, then look no further. Samsung is currently selling its first generation Gear IconX wireless earbuds for only $49.99. If we compare it with previous retail price, that is $150 off. The main reason for that is due to

Garmin Unveils Cheaper Watch For Runners

Garmin has now announced a new version of its Forerunner 35 watch that is more affordable. Called Forerunner 30, the watch will retail for £129.99, in turquoise, amethyst, and slate grey. It will be exclusively available only in Europe and aimed for those that want to keep