Gaming News

Sony Announces New Pro Controller For PS4

Just hours after the limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console is unveiled, Sony has announced a new Pro controller for the PS4. Called Revolution Pro Controller 2, the premium peripheral is made by Nacon and although looks similar to its predecessor, it comes

Hulu Brings Live TV Service To Xbox 360

Despite being quite an old platform, the Xbox 360 continues to be supported by some major apps, including Hulu. The company has just launched its live TV streaming service on the console. With a monthly fee of around $40, you can receive access to live television content.

Final Fantasy XV Is Now Headed To PC

Final Fantasy XV is officially going to be released on PC, Square Enix has announced. The upcoming "Windows Edition" of the game comes with all of the title's free updates and DLC that have been available on consoles. It's going to be released for the platform early next year.

Nintendo Sued Over Switch's Controllers

A lawsuit filed against Nintendo claims the Switch's detachable controller design is covered by an existing patent. The filing comes from accessory maker Gamevice, which holds patents covering tech used in the Wikipad, an Android tablet. Gamevice is seeking a monetary settlement.

Overwatch League Gets Two More Teams

The number of teams in Blizzard's Overwatch League has grown from 7 to 9. Blizzard announced the addition of two teams, one in London and one in Los Angeles. The former is the first Overwatch League team in all of Europe and it'll be operated by Cloud9.

Esports Might Be Included In 2024 Olympics

Though far from guaranteed, there's a chance esports could be added to the Olympic Games beginning in 2024. Paris' bid team intends to speak with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about integrating gaming into the event. Esports has grown significantly in recent years.

Valve Reveals Dota-Based Card Game 'Artifact'

Valve has a new first-party game set in the Dota universe. Its a digital card game known as Artifact, but that's basically all we know. During The International, a large Dota 2 event, broadcaster Sean Plott said the company wasn't introducing Half-Life 3.

Konami Announces Partnership With Fulham FC

Konami and London's oldest professional football club Fulham have just announced that they have entered an exclusive agreement. The agreement will see the club perfectly recreated in the upcoming PES 2018, with all the kits and players using Konami's full body-scanning process.