Gaming News

Super Mario Run Will Reach Android In March

Super Mario Run has been available on iOS since December 15 and it's finally going to expand to Android in March. The game's upcoming Android release was confirmed in a tweet from Nintendo Japan. Nintendo initially introduced the game at an Apple event.

Resident Evil 7 Supports Cross-Buy On PC, Xbox One

Support for cross-buy between the Xbox One and PC is available with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Because the game is included in the Xbox Play Anywhere Initiative, buying either digital version of the title lets you play it on both platforms. Phil Spencer confirmed the support.

Pokemon Go Generated $950 Million In 2016

Pokemon Go pulled in $950 million during the course of 2016, reports App Annie. The mobile game, which likely received more attention than any other mobile title last year, quickly claimed a spot among the top-grossing iOS/Android games. That revenue is from six months.

Borderlands 3 Won't Be On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is not going to receive the next entry in the Borderlands series. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, confirmed on Monday that Borderlands 3 isn't planned for the console. He was answering a question from a fan about a Switch version of the game.

SEGA's Sonic Mania Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

SEGA's Sonic Mania will be released for the Nintendo Switch, confirming rumors that claimed the game would be available. A release of Sonic Mania is also scheduled for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It returns to the style of the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Microsoft Teases New Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft's Mike Ybarra has teased part of the Xbox One's upcoming dashboard update. The update is intended to make tasks on the console faster. As revealed in the teaser, there will be a new Xbox button part of the guide that gives access to your recent apps and games.

Minecraft For Nintendo Switch Confirmed

A Nintendo Switch edition of Minecraft has been announced. Details about the game are minimal, but a listing for the title is now live on Nintendo's website. 4J Studios, the game's co-developer, also confirmed the title and released a picture of Minecraft running on the system.

Mobile Titanfall Game 'Frontline' Cancelled

Titanfall: Frontline has been cancelled. The mobile game based on Respawn's series had made it into a closed beta on iOS and Android. The beta allowed developer Particle City (a studio backed by Nexon) to "learn an incredible amount" about bringing Titanfall to mobile.

Skyrim, FIFA Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the FIFA franchise have been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. EA's FIFA 13 was the last title from the series to be released for a Nintendo console. No release date for FIFA on the Switch was provided, nor was one given for Skyrim.