Gaming News

Blizzard Appears To Be Creating New Mobile Game

Blizzard may be working on a new mobile game, according to a job listing spotted by NeoGAF. The company is looking for a new software engineer who has a "passion for playing and making games -- especially mobile games." This suggest a new mobile title could be in the works.

SNES Classic May Be Coming In 2017

Nintendo is going to release a mini Classic Edition of the SNES later this year, reports Eurogamer. The console, which will be similar to the NES Classic Edition, is said to becoming "in time for Christmas this year." It may come out around November of this year.

Original StarCraft Is Now Free

Blizzard has made its original Starcraft game free to download ahead of the release of StarCraft Remastered. With the game's version 1.18 patch, it should run fine on new computers, though it won't have the upgraded graphics that come with the Remastered version.

PS4 Slim 1 TB Heading To US

Sony's 1 TB PS4 Slim console will be available in the United States market "this month," Sony has revealed. The console's upcoming US availability was announced on Twitter and we know the system will sell for $300. That price is the same as the 500 GB model.

Nintendo's Fastest Selling Console Is The Switch

The Nintendo Switch is officially the fastest selling console in Nintendo's history. It sold 906,000 units in March alone, which Nintendo considers particularly good for a "non-traditional" console sale month like March. The Switch is doing better than most consoles.

Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic

Although it's only been out since late 2016 and is a popular product, Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition in North America. If you weren't able to get it already, you may never get a new unit. The last shipments will reach North America this month.