Gaming News

Xbox 720 to Debut by 2013 Holiday Season

According to the information by the people who are familiar with the roadmap, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is planning to release a new version of the top selling console called Xbox 720. The Xbox consoles players will have to wait until the holidays, but 2013 years.

The Humble THQ Bundle

WOW! Look at these games. THQ in cooperation with the Humble Indie Bundle people are offering a whole slew of games for whatever you want to pay. These are top tier games from some of their most prized IP. What's going on here? Let's take a look, shall we?

The Mystery Of Blizzard's ProjectBlackstone

There is buzz on the internet about a new domain that Blizzard has reserved. The domain is and this one is a real head scratcher. Something with World of Warcraft? Something completely new? Join the comment section to post your conspiracy theories.

Oculus Rift Ship Date Moved Out

The highly anticipated Oculus Rift ship date has been moved out to March of 2013 according to an update notice on the Oculus team's Kickstarter webpage. The Oculus Rift ia a video headset that will immerse the user in a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

750,000 Xbox 360s Sold Over Black Friday Weekend

Microsoft three quarters of a million Xbox 360 consoles over Black Friday weekend, America's busiest shopping season. The 7-year old console has been leading the American market for 22 months now. Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II may have fueled the spike in sales.

Nintendo Wii Mini Launched

Barely a day after it was leaked by Best Buy Canada, Nintendo launched the Wii Mini, its dark-horse for the winter shopping season, exclusive to Canada. Starting at just CA $99, the Wii Mini plays everything the Wii does, in a compact, Christmassy red design.

Nintendo Wii Mini Picture Leaked

Best Buy Canada website leaked a picture of Nintendo's upcoming Wii Mini game console on its homepage, which arrives on December 07, just in time for your X'mas shopping. The retailer is accepting orders which will likely ship by the second week of December.

Wii U Gets a YouTube App

Those planning to toss out their Xbox 360 for a Wii U can rejoice, as the for the indispensible YouTube app is over. Not only will you be able to watch videos at 1080p on your TV, but also browse through what to play next, preview, and comment using the controller.

Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect Nike+ Bundle Listed

In addition to holiday bundles, Microsoft needs an immediate answer to Wii U Sports Connection. Enter Xbox 360 Nike+ Kinect bundle, which just listed on Amazon, and will ship just in time for your gift wraps. The bundle was confirmed by Major Nelson.