Internet News

YouTube TV Reaches 14 New Cities In The US

YouTube TV service recently went live in 10 cities in the United States and Google has now announced another major expansion of the service, spreading its availability to more areas quite fast. The service has reached 14 new cities in the United States and is now available in 29

Facebook Marketplace Reaches New Countries

Facebook continues improving and expanding its social network. By the end of 2016, Facebook launched a feature called Marketplace that allows people to sell and buy things. At first, the Marketplace was only available in a handful of countries, including the US, Australia, Canada

Gmail For iOS Gets Phishing Protection

Phishing protection arrived on Gmail for Android a few months ago and now the same capabilities have been introduced to the iOS app. Over the coming weeks, the anti-phishing features will become available, reducing the chance of people being harmed by malicious links in emails.

Amazon To Deliver Refrigeration-Free Meals

Amazon is said to be working on a food delivery service that'll specialize in meals that don't require refrigeration, making them easier to ship and less costly. Reuters claims the company is interested in using microwave assisted thermal sterilization (MATS).

Facebook Launches 'Watch' Tab For Original Shows

Facebook has finally launched the Watch tab, a new section of the social network built around original content. It's only available in the United States right now and it has initially reached a subset of users across platforms. The Watch tab will feature original videos.

Facebook Using AI To Combat Fake Ads

Facebook has detailed how it's using artificial intelligence systems to deal with a practice known as "cloaking," which enables malicious advertisers to obscure the actual target of their fake ads. There are instances where an ad's target site doesn't match what users expect.

Internet Archive Blocked By India

India has blocked the Internet Archive and it hasn't given an explanation for the move. The long-running service, most known for the Wayback Machine, provides access to 300 billion archived web pages. It's a very useful resource and regularly provides access to important info.

Twitter Tries Out Desktop Night Mode

After finally bringing a night mode option to Twitter for iOS in August 2016, the social network has begun testing the same design on desktop. Many people prefer dark designs, especially by the evening when it can become more comfortable to limit a site or app's brightness.

DirecTV Now Gets CBS Channels

AT&T's cable-free streaming service, DirecTV Now, is gaining some popular and local channels. A new deal with CBS will give the service Pop, CBS Sports Network, and Showtime. There will also be local CBS and The CW stations in around 25 markets throughout the US.

YouTube Gets In-App Messaging Feature

Over the last few days, YouTube has made a lot of changes and more have been announced today. The video platform has just received a new messaging feature that will help users to chat and share videos within the app with others much easier. It is also possible to respond to a