Internet News

Yik Yak Chat App Is Closing

Square has acquired a portion of the employees involved with Yik Yak, a once popular anonymous chat app. As some of Yik Yak's engineers join their new employer, the app is shutting down. The service had been live for four years. A blog post confirmed the shutdown.

Uber Makes Account Deletions Easier

An update to Uber's Privacy Settings will, among other things, make it easier for people to delete their account. The changes were announced this week and will be rolling out during the coming weeks. Users are gaining more control over things like location data and notifications.

Google Begins Operations In Cuba

Google's partnership with Cuba's national telecom, ETECSA, was signed in December 2016 and now it's getting off the ground. Google has become the first foreign internet company to be available on the relatively isolated island. Google Global Cache has been turned on.

Google Fiber's Next Market Is Louisville

Google's next market for its Fiber internet service is Louisville, Kentucky. The company is going to file for a construction permit soon, which will enable it to begin working on the network. Google Fiber will first be available in small test communities before rolling out.

Instagram Reaches 700M Users

Facebook-owned Instagram now has more than 700 million monthly active users, up from the 600 million in reported in December. It experienced faster growth in the past five months than during any other time in its history. It's added 200 million people since last June.

Reddit Limiting Subreddit Customization Options

In a move that has already upset many users, Reddit is limiting the customization options that subreddit moderators have. Over the "coming months," the site will stop supporting custom CSS on subreddits. Those in charge of communities on the platform have long controlled design.

Google Alters Search To Combat Fake, Bad Results

Google is making a few changes to Search in order to restrict the impact and prevalence of fake news and inappropriate results. It's adjusting rankings, making it easy for users to provide feedback about results, and helping people understand how the Search algorithm works.