Internet News

Uber Bringing Food Delivery Service To India

Uber's food delivery option, UberEATS, is headed to India. The company has confirmed it'll launch the service in the country. Uber is currently speaking with restaurants and delivery partners in India. The service's launch allegedly can "change the food industry."

Snapchat Combating Fake News, Clickbait

Snapchat is working to turn itself into a better place for news and part of that effort involves reducing clickbait and fake news in the app. The network's parent company, Snap, has implemented new guidelines that'll result in a crackdown on misleading images and headlines.

Vine Launches Searchable Database Of All Vines

Vine officially closed its doors on January 17 as a part of restructuring effort of Twitter. The 6-second video platform continues to live as "Vine Camera" that lets you record videos in the classic Vine format. Twitter has also launched searchable online archive for Vine

Tidal Adds Ability To Edit Any Track

Music streaming service Tidal has introduced a feature called "Track Edit" that lets users edit any song in the service's library. Your editing options are limited, but the mobile app lets you adjust the tempo up to 16% and fade the song in or out by 10 seconds.

YouTube Testing An In-App Messaging Feature

An in-app messaging feature is being trialed in YouTube. It's currently being tested on Android and iOS, and it lets users share clips, text content, and links without leaving the app. For now, the feature is only available in Canada. This may not turn into an official feature.