Internet News

SOE Announces EverQuest Next MMORPG

Ever played EverQuest? Of course you have. After all, it has only been one of the most popular MMORPG titles ever released. Well, Sony Online Entertainment has officially announced the successor to their popular game, which has been named EverQuest Next, an MMORPG.

Google Translate Adds Handwriting Input

Google added a feature to Google Translate, which lets you scribble down foreign language text as you see it. It should be a lifesaver for those wanting to translate text from sources that can't simply be copy-pasted. Not all languages are supported at the moment.

YouTube Announces First-Ever 'Geek Week'

Not that geeks don't run the planet already, it's always nice to see a celebration of geek-culture. YouTube and Nerdist announced Geek Week, a week-long annual celebration of geek-culture, spanning across superheroes, comics, gaming, science, and sci-fi.