Internet News

Flipkart Raises Another $210 Million

Flipkart, India's largest e-commerce business, raised an additional $210 million in funding. This new round of funding was led by DST Global, and included several other investors such as Iconiq Capital, Tiger Global and Naspers. This raises the company's total venture..

WhatsApp Was Down Last Night

WhatsApp wasn't working last night. Yes, it is annoying when that happens. No, you were not the only one. Upon checking the service status, users would be greeted with a simple message citing a connection error. As it turns out, Facebook's $19 billion bet went...

Wireless Connectivity Can Reach The Moon

NASA and MIT have teamed up on a study that proves how wireless broadband can reach space stations, the moon, and perhaps even Mars. Using laser transmitters and four telescopes, the signals can reach far enough to provide internet connectivity very far away which...

Secret Comes To Android, Globally

Secret, a social networking app founded by former Google employees Chrys Bader and David Byttow, has arrived on Android four months after its iOS debut. Just like the original app, Secret keeps your identity, well, a secret while allowing users to post to public...

Codeacademy Expands Into Three New Languages

With the help of some partners, Codeacademy has successfully launched French, Spanish, and Portugese versions of its learning to code service. Prior to the translated versions of Codeacademy going live, the service was only available in English which limited the...

Google Chrome Now Supports 'OK Google' Command

Chrome beta users have been able to use the hands-free OK Google voice command since February and now the feature is rolling out to regular users. Starting today, once the feature has been enabled on, users can simply ask Now a question or give it a command.

Bitcoin Breaks $500 After Nearly Six Months

Bitcoin, the internet currency both loved and hated by many, is showing signs of stabilizing. After hitting an all-time high of $1,100 at the end of last year, BTC has been on a huge downward slump. However, things are looking less bleak now, mainly thanks to a large...

eBay Asks Users to Change Passwords

Online marketplace eBay asked its users to change their account passwords. The company unearthed a cyberattack that compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other "non-financial data." The company ruled out credit card details being compromised.