Internet News

Are We Getting Scroogled?

Microsoft is revisiting its campaign against Google's advertising tactics. There's a press release, a dedicated website and even a petition going on in an attempt to stop Google from scanning emails. There will also be an offline campaign rolling out the next few weeks.

Facebook By The Numbers

In a publicly released filing of their Form 10-K (annual report), Facebook reports impressive gains in usage by both monthly and daily users. Their 2012 numbers show increases not only in usage but puts into perspective how much stuff people put on Facebook.

Facebook Trials Emoticons In Status Update

After Facebook introduced its own social search engine, the American company started working on a new way of expressing ourselves. Newest feature will allow users to attach an emoticon to a status update so if you are happy you can attach a happy emoticon.

SOE To Shutter Bullet Run On March 8th

On the game's official forums, Sony Online Entertainment and Acony Games has announced that they will be shutting down the servers for their multiplayer, first person shooter Bullet Run on March 8th of this year. All billing has ended last Friday on February 1st.

New York Times And Wall Street Journal Hacked

The New York Times and and The Wall Street Journal claim to have been suffering cyber attacks by Chinese hackers interested in keeping tabs on the country's coverage. Both newspapers have taken measures to hold off the attackers and claim they are safe for now.

Chrome NaCl Gets ARM Support

The Chromium development team announced NaCl's port to ARM. The x86 version of Google Chrome Native Client (NaCl) gives the browser the ability to run C and C++ code over the web, letting developers code web-based apps with more abilities than HTML5 is capable of.