Internet News

Sony Launches 4K Video Service

Sony announced today that it has launched a 4K video service called Video Unlimited 4K that will allow people with 4K televisions to rent and download 70 full length movies and television shows. This is the first service of its kind to hit the market.

Citadel Trojan Returns As Threat In Japan

According to research performed by Trend Micro, an advanced version of the infamous banking malware, Citadel Trojan, has reared its ugly head again and has been found targeting Japanese computers. They additionally state it could move to Europe at any time.

YouTube to Scrap Video Responses

YouTube is getting rid of the video responses feature, in a bid to free up precious site real-estate, and make text comments appear better. Stats show that less than 0.0004 percent of YouTube's user-base actually takes advantage of the feature, warranting its removal.

China Hit By Biggest Ever DDoS Attack

Last Sunday, China's internet service was hit by the largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack the country has ever seen. The attack was referred to as "ironic" by an internet monitoring groups as the vast majority of attacks originate there.