Internet News

ExtraTorrent Has Permanently Closed

ExtraTorrent, a torrent site second only to The Pirate Bay in size, has shut down permanently. The site hosted a large index of pirated content for years and a full explanation for the shutdown wasn't provided. The team behind the site closed the service without warning.

Facebook Lands Weekly MLB Game Streams

Live MLB baseball games will be streamed on Facebook on a weekly basis. Those games will air on Friday beginning this week. The first game is the Rockies vs. the Reds at 7:10 a.m. ET and it'll be available here. All US users can view the live baseball content.

Patreon Now Has 1M Patrons, 50K Creators

Popular crowdfunding site Patreon has doubled in size during the past year. It now has 1 million active monthly patrons and 50,000 active creators. Between those users, Patreon will pay out $150 million to creators during the course of 2017. It's become a go-to funding source.

Chelsea Manning Is Out Of Prison

Chelsea Manning, a former US Army soldier who leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks, is out of prison. She's been released after spending seven years in prison. Manning was convicted of espionage and aiding the enemy in 2013. Manning received a 35-year sentence.