Internet News

Socl Goes Public as Open-Beta

Microsoft's big social networking project, Socl (pronounced "social") opened doors to everyone with a Microsoft or Facebook ID. It bears a more decentralized "pinteresting" look over what was shown last year. Its underlying idea is collaboration enhanced by search.

Massive Worm Infects Tumblr

A massive bug swept Tumblr this morning and infected some of the biggest blogs. Fortunately, Tumblr reacted quickly and within a few hours worm was removed and the issue was permanently fixed. Sites that were infected seem to have returned to normal.

City Of Heroes Says Goodbye

Yesterday, NCSoft pulled the plug on City Of Heroes. For eight years CoH has brought the thrill and excitement of playing a super hero to thousands of fans. Crimefighters everywhere will miss the game and it will long be remembered as a hallmark MMO game.

Baidu Cloud Phone Spec'd

It's only natural for China's biggest internet search engine, Baidu, to have a handheld device branded after it. Unlike its American counterpart, it doesn't have the luxury of its own operating system and app store just yet. Nevertheless Baidu is in it for a big slice.

Wii U Gets a YouTube App

Those planning to toss out their Xbox 360 for a Wii U can rejoice, as the for the indispensible YouTube app is over. Not only will you be able to watch videos at 1080p on your TV, but also browse through what to play next, preview, and comment using the controller.