Internet News

IMDb Shuts Down Message Boards Feature

If you have been searching for a new movie, IMDb is, without doubt, the best site to find quality content. The Internet Movie Database is one of the largest online databases for TV and film, with more than 4.1 million titles and 7.7 million personalities from across the globe.

Google Ends Trial Of Hands Free Payment App

Google's experimental Hands Free app is shutting down. The app was released for iOS and Android in March 2016, enabling people to make payments by saying "I'll pay with Google" to a cashier. Hands Free will no longer be available for users on February 8.

EU Is A Step Closer To End Roaming Charges

If you have ever used your phone in roaming, then you probably know how costly it is, especially if you don't have any roaming plan. The good news is that the representatives of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission, agreed to end roaming charges when travelling

Google Fiber Reaches Raleigh, North Carolina

Google Fiber service in Raleigh, North Carolina was activated on Wednesday. Depending on if you only want internet or also want to receive other services, Fiber is available for $70 to $130 per month. The internet service offers upload and download speeds up to 1 gigabit.

Facebook Working On A Streaming TV App

Facebook is said to be working on an application for streaming television content. A report from The Wall Street Journal says the app is being built for set-top streaming devices. It'll specifically feature video content rather than just giving a new way to access the News Feed.

Snapchat Adds QR Codes That Can Link To Web Pages

Snapchat is updating its mobile apps with support for QR codes that can be used to send people to websites. This means you can create "Snapcodes" for websites in addition to codes for your profile. It'll be possible to share an article or other interesting pages with other users.