Internet News

Delta Announces Free In-Flight Messaging

A limited version of free in-flight internet has been announced by Delta Air Lines. The company is going to offer free access to iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger on all flights equipped with Gogo WiFi beginning October 1. This only covers text messaging.

Google Play Also Offering $20 4K Movies

The entire industry seems to be following Apple's lead in offering 4K films for $20. Apple announced it would attach that price tag to all 4K HDR titles during its event earlier this month. Amazon subsequently dropped some of its titles to $20. Google is now doing the same.

Twitter Tests 280-Character Limit

We've heard about Twitter's interest in expanding its character limit for years and now it appears the social network is finally ready to move past 140-character tweets. Earlier this week, the network began testing a new 280-character limit with a small set of beta testers.

Instagram Reaches 800M Users

Instagram's user count has increased significantly in recent months. In just four months, the Facebook-owned social network has seen its user base increase by 100 million people, bringing it to 800 million. The platform is on a path to reach 1 billion users by the middle of 2018.

China Blocks WhatsApp

Just like expected, the Chinese government has now added another messaging app to the list of blocked apps in the country. After having problems with sending video chats and photos, WhatsApp is now completely blocked, just like Facebook and Instagram.