Internet News

PayPal "In Conversation" To Reach Amazon

PayPal remains a leader in the world of web payments and yet it's not available as a payment option on Amazon, but that could be close to changing. The company has been speaking with Amazon about bringing PayPal to the eCommerce site. Reaching Amazon would be useful.

BitTorrent Live Reaches Android

BitTorrent's peer-to-peer TV streaming service is now available on Android devices. The BitTorrent Live app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It lets you view free programming, including streams related to news and sports. The service lacks major content.

Facebook Begins Testing Ads In Messenger

Facebook has begun trying out ads in Messenger. With a small test in Australia and Thailand, the company has added advertisements to the messaging app's interface. Businesses can use the ad section to place marketing material on Messenger's home screen.

Google's G Suite For Education Has 70M Users

More than 70 million people around the world are using Google's G Suite for Education, formerly known as Google Apps for Education. There were 60 million users a year ago and 50 million in October 2015. The productivity app suite includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, and other services.

Uber Bringing Food Delivery Service To India

Uber's food delivery option, UberEATS, is headed to India. The company has confirmed it'll launch the service in the country. Uber is currently speaking with restaurants and delivery partners in India. The service's launch allegedly can "change the food industry."

Snapchat Combating Fake News, Clickbait

Snapchat is working to turn itself into a better place for news and part of that effort involves reducing clickbait and fake news in the app. The network's parent company, Snap, has implemented new guidelines that'll result in a crackdown on misleading images and headlines.