Internet News

Facebook Messenger Adds Group Payments

Support for group payments has been added to Facebook Messenger, expanding upon the messaging app's person-to-person payments. When you're in a group chat, you can either send money to everyone or pick individual members to pay. Payments were added to Messenger in 2015.

Americans Are In Favor Of City Broadband

A new survey from Pew Research has found the majority of Americans support letting cities build their own broadband networks, something regular ISPs strongly oppose. Based on results from 4,000 people, Pew says 70% of Americans are in favor of letting cities build networks.

Sling TV's Cloud DVR Reaches Roku, Android

Sling TV's Cloud DVR feature has expanded to more devices. The feature, which gives subscribers up to 50 GB of storage for holding on to content, is now reaching Android and Roku devices. Cloud DVR was initially limited to working on Amazon Fire devices.

One In Five Facebook Videos Are Live

Facebook's livestreaming push has worked out well. The social network says 1 in 5 videos on the site are streams and the amount of time spent watching Live content had quadrupled in a year. Those stats were shared by Fidji Simo, Facebook's head of video.

Netflix Rolls Out Thumbs Ratings

Netflix's thumbs up/down ratings system is now rolling out to users. It's replacing the star-based rating system for movies and TV shows that's been in place for years. Netflix believes this new option will increase the likelihood of people giving their opinion on content.

Facebook Tools Will Combat Revenge Porn

Facebook has announced new tools that'll hopefully reduce the spread of revenge porn on the network. These tools are meant to make Facebook a safer part of the internet, according to Antigone Davis, Facebook's head of global safety. Facebook will use photo-matching technology.

Sling TV Adds Showtime For $10

Showtime content is now available through Sling TV for $10 per month. The Dish-run TV streaming service is offering Showtime, Showtime 2, and a variety of other channels: Showcase, Extreme, Beyond, Next, West, and Women. Sling is the first to offer all four premium channels.

YouTube Launching Live TV Service

YouTube's live TV streaming option is now rolling out in five US cities for $35 per month. The service, YouTube TV, was announced in February. It didn't have a release date at that time, though YouTube said it would be available "soon." Now it's reaching some markets.