Internet News

Reddit Adds Location Tagging For Posts

Reddit has been making some changes recently that are turning it more into a social platform and the latest is the addition of location tagging. Users will have the option of adding their location to posts, a function that is currently powered by Foursquare.

Google Offering 4-Month Trial Of Play Music

New subscribers can now check out Google Play Music for four months without paying anything. Google has introduced a trial offer that surpasses Apple Music's. Normally subscribers have been given a 90-day free trial. Play Music has both a free and ad-free paid tier.

Apple News Getting An Editor-In-Chief

Apple is placing an editor-in-chief at the head of Apple News for the first time. Lauren Kern, formerly the executive editor at New York Magazine, is filling the role and will presumably work on curating content. She could help Apple make sure news sources are legitimate.

Android Pay Headed To Canada This Month

Android Pay will launch in Canada on May 31. When it arrives in the market, the mobile payment service will work with most major credit and debit cards. Google hasn't revealed which bank partners are available at launch. Multiple expansions were recently announced.

Facebook's Personal Fundraisers Leave Beta

Facebook's personal fundraiser feature has exited its beta stage and also received some updates. The feature now supports campaigns for sports teams and communities. Facebook launched the capability as a more limited beta in March 2017. It's similar to GoFundMe.