Internet News

Major Bitcoin Exchange 'Bithumb' Hacked

Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has been hacked. 30,000 customers had their data compromised due to the attack and Korea's Internet & Security Agency is looking into the situation following claims from customers that they lost money.

Amazon Finalizes Souq Acquisition

Amazon has completed its acquisition of Souq, a Middle Eastern eCommerce company widely viewed as a counterpart to Amazon. The deal was announced in March and now that it's complete, US-based Amazon will have an easy time entering the Middle Eastern market.

Goldman Sachs Predicts Bitcoin Could Reach $4,000

Bitcoin is still going through a corrective stage and is in the $2,000s, down from its high of nearly $3,000. Although that downturn is likely to continue, analysts with Goldman Sachs have released a report indicating they believe the cryptocurrency could rise to nearly $4,000.

Dolby Atmos Support Arriving On Netflix

Netflix is slowly adding support for Dolby Atmos sound to its lineup, starting with a limited range of devices and only one piece of original content. It'll then add the feature to more devices and content "over time." The first movie to receive Atmos is Okja, a recent film.

Petya Cyberattack Might Not Be Ransomware

Though Petya, a recent piece of malware spreading around the world, appears to be ransomware from the outside, it may not actually fit the criteria. Researchers with Kaspersky Lab say they believe Petya is actually a "wiper," not legitimate ransomware.

Twitch App Gains Livestreaming, Updated Design

Twitch has brought some major changes to its mobile application, letting people livestream directly from the app (like YouTube) and providing an updated interface. Livestreaming from the app is currently limited to camera-based streams. You can't share mobile games.