Internet News

Facebook Tries Out Dislike Button In Messenger

Facebook has begun testing reactions and a dislike button in Messenger. TechCrunch reports some users have received a reaction feature that shows up when hovering over a message. You'll be presented with options to like, dislike, or send another kind of emoji response.

Facebook Adds City Guides For Travel Planning

Facebook has introduced a travel planning feature called City Guides to its network. The feature, located in the More menu, will highlight cities your friends have visited and also highlight top places to visit and activities to engage in. It shows you which friends have visited.

Spotify Has 50M Paying Users

Over 50 million people are paying for Spotify each month and many others are using the service for free. Those subscribers are spread across 60 markets. Spotify revealed its 40 million milestone in September 2016. Its growth has been steady for a while.

Human Error Caused Recent Amazon AWS Outage

Amazon's web servers were recently down for more than four hours, and since many sites and services are reliant on Amazon hosting, a lot of them were unreachable. The problem was resolved very quickly, but many were wondering what went wrong with the AWS.

Netflix To Support HDR On Mobile

Netflix is working to include HDR support for streaming video on mobile devices. Reed Hastings, Netflix's CEO, says the company is committed to offering HDR on all platforms. He made that statement while speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Google Integrates Keep Into Docs

Google has added its note-taking Keep app to G Suite and integrated it with Google Docs. This will make it easier for people to grab information they've stored in Keep and place it in a regular document. The integration may improve workflow for some people.