Internet News

Samsung Pay Possibly Reaching UK On May 16

Samsung Pay is going to reach the UK market on May 16, according to information shared by two employees. Those employees mentioned the release date to a tipster, who then shared the info with SamMobile. We're still waiting on a confirmation from Samsung.

Twitter Announces 16 New Streaming Partnerships

After revealing a 24-hour streaming news deal with Bloomberg News, Twitter announced more than a dozen other streaming deals. It's working with companies like BuzzFeed, Vox, Viacom, and the PGA to include a diverse array of streaming content. Twitters is dedicated to streaming.

Young People Watch Netflix 2X More Than Live TV

Streaming services like Netflix generate far greater watch time among young people than traditional live television. According to a report from Trendera, teens spend 24% of their time on YouTube, 27% on Netflix, and 14% on live TV. Hulu and Amazon were at 4% and 3%.

Bitcoin Grows To New High Of $1400+

Bitcoin's value has reached a new all-time high. The popular cryptocurrency is sitting at a value of $1,411 and that's down a little from its high of around $1,456 on Monday. Bitcoin has been increasing in recent weeks, with one potential trigger being actions from the SEC.

Yik Yak Chat App Is Closing

Square has acquired a portion of the employees involved with Yik Yak, a once popular anonymous chat app. As some of Yik Yak's engineers join their new employer, the app is shutting down. The service had been live for four years. A blog post confirmed the shutdown.

Uber Makes Account Deletions Easier

An update to Uber's Privacy Settings will, among other things, make it easier for people to delete their account. The changes were announced this week and will be rolling out during the coming weeks. Users are gaining more control over things like location data and notifications.

Google Lets Anyone Become A Teacher In 'Classroom'

Google's Classroom service is opening up to anyone who wants to act as a teacher. Beginning today, you can use Classroom to create classes and educate people even if you don't actually work as a teacher in the real world. A G Suite for Education account was previously needed.