Internet News

Tidal Adds Ability To Edit Any Track

Music streaming service Tidal has introduced a feature called "Track Edit" that lets users edit any song in the service's library. Your editing options are limited, but the mobile app lets you adjust the tempo up to 16% and fade the song in or out by 10 seconds.

YouTube Testing An In-App Messaging Feature

An in-app messaging feature is being trialed in YouTube. It's currently being tested on Android and iOS, and it lets users share clips, text content, and links without leaving the app. For now, the feature is only available in Canada. This may not turn into an official feature.

2016's Top Password Was "123456"

An analysis of 10 million leaked passwords completed by Keeper reveals last year's top password was the remarkably simplistic 123456. Filling in some of the other top spots were "123456789," "qwerty," and "12345678." Keeper chastised websites for allowing weak passwords.

Google Chrome Adding FLAC Audio Support

The next Google Chrome release (version 56) will come with support for FLAC lossless audio. Beta testers already have access to the feature. Support for the audio file format will please audiophiles, though it won't necessarily make much of a difference for most users.

Snapchat Adds Universal Search

Snapchat has updated its interface and one of the greatest changes is a new universal search option. The universal search bar is always present at the top of the screen and it yields results from your friends, groups, Discover publishers, and Our Stories.