Internet News

Facebook Considers Buying, Showing Original Videos

Facebook's focus on video has grown in recent years, but all of the efforts have so far dealt with content from third-parties. The social network now says it's considering buying and offering original videos in the areas of scripted, unscripted, and sports-related programming.

Line Adds Group Video Chats For Up To 200 People

Support for massive group video chats has been added to Line, a popular messaging app. Video chats can include up to 200 participants, though only four people will be shown on screen at a time. When a chat's participant list increases, avatars will be on the side of the display.

BBC, ITV To Launch US Streaming Service

American fans of British television will soon have a streaming service just for UK content. BBC Worldwide and ITV are partnering to roll out BritBox, a service that brings British television content to the US. Current shows will be available 24 hours after their premiere.

Amazon Prime Video Is Available In 242 Countries

Amazon's video streaming service, Prime Video, has officially gone global. It's now available in 242 countries, a major expansion that was announced during a media event in India. Regions that have yet to receive the entire Prime service can get Prime Video for $3 per month.

Imgur Adds Social Features On Mobile, Web

Imgur's simplistic messaging options have been swapped out for a more complete messaging service. The update to the app also includes a new follow function. Messaging now works with rich media like GIFs and emojis. You can send the content in a few ways.

EU Agency Opposes Encryption Backdoors

Law enforcement shouldn't be requesting backdoors in the encryption used by private companies, says the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). A new report from the agency details its opposition to the use of backdoors or requests for them.

Slack Adds Video Calling

Slack, the go-to chat tool for many businesses, now includes support for videoconferencing. The feature allows users to enter a video call one-on-one or in groups. Slack's inclusion of video calling will help it better compete against services like Skype for Work and Hangouts.

Android Pay Launches In Japan

Google's mobile payment system Android Pay is now live in Japan. Those with an applicable Android handset can use the service at over 470,000 locations that already accept Rakuten Edy, a local prepaid eMoney service. Apple Pay reached the country in October.

Netflix Available For Google Daydream

Shortly after the release of HBO Now for Google's Daydream VR platform, Netflix has come out with its own Daydream app. You can use the app to view movies and TV shows in a virtual log cabin. The content isn't actually in VR, but it's placed in a virtual reality space.

Twitch Introduces Automated Chat Moderation Tool

Twitch has introduced a chat moderation tool that's powered by machine learning and language processing. Known as AutoMod, it'll help streamers cultivate a "positive and inclusive chat experience." It's an opt-in feature and users can adjust how aggressive the moderation is.

Facebook Adding 360-Degree Live Videos

360-degree live videos are headed to Facebook and they'll initially be offered by select partners like National Geographic. A 360-degree livestream from the Mars Desert Research Station Facility in Utah will occur through Facebook Live on December 13.