Internet News

Fake WhatsApp URL Spreads Adware

A malicious website pretending to be associated with WhatsApp is spreading adware. It's located at "," yet the characters are replaced with those from the Cyrillic alphabet, making it easier to appear legitimate. The URL could definitely trick people.

FTC Cracking Down On Tech Support Scams

The FTC has begun an initiative to crack down on tech support pop-up scams. According to the agency, its "Operation Tech Trap" involves a "nationwide and international crackdown" on scams. These scams often involve security alert-like pop-ups that get people to spend money.

FCC Comments Clearly Support Net Neutrality

Comments submitted to the FCC in response to its proposed rollback of net neutrality regulations are clearly in support of the regulations, according to an analysis from Jeffrey Fossett. Once you remove a set of spam comments, the alternative position dominates.

Google Including Local Events In Search Results

You can now easily find nearby events within Google searches. The search engine can yield a new "events" section when you type in relevant queries into the Google app or mobile site. You can specify the time period you're looking for as well as the exact kind of event.

Snapchat Ads Limitless Snaps, Looping Videos

Your messages on Snapchat no longer have to be time-limited. The app has introduced two features: Limiteless Snaps and Looping Videos. With the former, you'll be able to send a picture without placing a time limit. That means the picture won't disappear automatically.

Bitcoin Passes $1,700 For The First Time

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has reached another milestone, surpassing the $1,700 mark for the first time. This increase in value, which has added hundreds of dollars to the cost of each Bitcoin, isn't well explained. Bitcoin has posted an 85% gain during the course of the year.

Amazon Prime Adding Live Concerts

Amazon's Prime subscription now comes with a new perk: exclusive live concerts. It's also selling tickets to the events exclusively to Prime subscribers, while everyone else in the program can watch the events for free. The first events are being held in London.