Internet News

Google To Shut Down Talk On June 26

In addition to killing of the SMS integration with Hangouts, Google is ready to shut down additional services. The next in line is Google Talk, but it won't be completely shut down. Instead, the service will be integrated into Hangouts so you can always use it if you're

Medium Rolling Out Subscription Plan

Medium's shift away from advertising is now taking hold. The writing platform has introduced a subscription-based business model that'll see it charge $5 per month as an introductory price. With a subscription, you'll receive new features early and get an offline reading option.

Facebook Live Adds Desktop, Game Streaming

Facebook Live has made a big step forward with it now allowing users to stream from desktop computers and to use the service for PC game streaming. The feature is open to all users and all you need to get started is a webcam. It was previously limited to Pages.

Instagram Reaches 1M Active Advertisers

More than a million advertisers are active on Instagram, meaning the social network has added 500,000 just since September of last year. Instagram believes it's a particularly good spot for advertising due to some unique qualities as well as its 400 million user base.

Location Sharing Added To Google Maps

Another update is out for Google Maps, with this version of the app offering location sharing. The update makes it easy for you to send your current location to friends and family. This may be useful if you're running late and need a quick way to let people know.

Samsung Pay Arrives In India

India now has access to Samsung's mobile payments service. Samsung Pay first launched two years ago and now it's available on Galaxy devices in the Indian market. Once your have a credit or debit card attached to the service, you can easily make purchases.