Internet News

Nielsen Ratings To Include Hulu, YouTube Views

Nielsen's TV ratings are soon going to integrate views from YouTube and Hulu, with both being treated as TV services. Both have come out with TV streaming services, providing an alternative way for people to view new content. No longer are regular cable services needed.

Adobe To Kill Flash By 2020

Although many big companies already started ending support for Adobe Flash, the company has now officially announced that it plans to completely discontinue Flash by the end of 2020. This isn't really surprising and was only a matter of time, since many have already switched to

Russia Moving To Ban VPNs

Like China, Russia is moving towards stricter internet regulations that would essentially ban VPNs and other proxy services. The State Duma passed a bill, with no opposition, that'd force internet providers in the country to block VPNs due to security concerns.

YouTube TV Reaches New Countries

YouTube TV is the service that Google launched back in April, but like every other new product, there are things that could be improved. The biggest problem with the service is that it only worked in five major US cities, including New York, the San Francisco Bay Area,

Feds Confirm Shutdown Of AlphaBay

Federal authorities in the US have confirmed they were involved in the shut down of AlphaBay, the largest dark net marketplace in the world. AlphaBay was "10 times the size of Silk Road," says Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. Hansa was also recently removed.

Google Brings Personalized Feed To iOS, Android

Google's main app on Android and iOS now comes with a personalized feed feature that'll surface content Google considers meaningful based on your search history and followed topics. The feed is taking over the space below the app's search field, which used to contain Google Now.

WhatsApp To Get In-App YouTube Support

More companies are thinking about joining the messaging app market, including Amazon, but it will take some time if they want to challenge Viber and WhatsApp, two messaging apps that are definitely ahead of others and both are adding new features every month.

PayPal Support Being Added To Samsung Pay

PayPal support will be added to Samsung Pay thanks to an "extended partnership" between the companies. With this partnership, PayPal is first going to become a payment option in the payment app in the US. It'll eventually end up expanding to other countries.

Netflix Passes 100M Subscribers

Streaming service Netflix revealed it now has more than 100 million paying subscribers. Just in the past three months it was able to add 5.2 million customers. The last quarter saw more US customer additions than any quarter since 2011. That growth has come despite price changes.