Internet News

Equifax Hacked, 143M Americans Affected

44% of the United States population has been affected by a single hack. Equifax, which provides credit reports, experienced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million people. Some info on people in Canada and the UK was also exposed.

Instagram Testing Stories On Facebook

Since Stories on Facebook are not so popular, Facebook has decided to add a new feature to its Instagram platform that would allow users to share their Stories directly to Facebook. Those that have received this feature now see a new option to share photos and videos created with

Twitter Enables Night Mode On Desktop

Twitter has officially rolled out its highly requested Night Mode display option on desktop. When it's enabled, the theme becomes dark, something many people prefer all the time or at least in the evening. Night Mode has already existed on mobile devices.

Facebook Watch Arrives Around The US

Facebook's "Watch" tab is now available for users around the United States. It features access to a growing selection of original video content, which Facebook is trying to use to compete with YouTube and others. Content creators on Watch receive 55% of the generated ad revenue.

YouTube Improves Streaming Latency, Mod Tools

An update to YouTube's livestreaming capabilities has introduced improved moderation tools and lower latency streaming. The new ultra-low latency feature can be activated during a stream to reduce the delay between broadcasters and viewers to a couple seconds.

Instagram Hackers Sold Access To Account Info

The hackers responsible for attacking Instagram and stealing some celebrity account info also put the data up for sale. Hackers were selling access to a database called Doxagram that included the email addresses and phone numbers associated with many accounts.

Instagram Adds New Features For Mobile Web

If you by any chance are not using the Instagram app, but the mobile web, then you have just received some new improvements by the company. The Facebook-owned platform has now brought over the Stories feature to the mobile version of its website. Now you don't need to install the

YouTube Gets New Design And Logo

After several months of testing, YouTube has officially launched a new desktop design for all users around the globe. The Google-owned video site now features cleaner and simpler design, new logo and also a dark mode, which swaps out the white background for black for a better