Internet News

Facebook Will Begin Showing Ads During Videos

Facebook is going to begin leveraging its large collection of videos by adding mid-roll ads to the platform. Publishers will be given the option of placing ads in their videos that'll appear after at least 20 seconds have been played. 55% of revenue will go to publishers.

Medium Cuts A Third Of Its Staff

A third of Medium's staff has been laid off as part of a refocusing effort at the company. This refocus was triggered by problems with ad-supported digital media. Medium made a greater push into advertising last year, attracting larger news-style content to the platform.

Xiaomi Announces Smart Mi Router HD

There are various routers available on the market, but Xiaomi decided to design a smarter router. The new Mi Router HD is not a normal wireless networking device. It is designed to maintain connectivity in your home or office that also has a surveillance-class hard drive inside.

Vine Shutting Down On January 17

Vine has finally provided an exact shutdown date. The Twitter-owned app is closing on January 17 and the only thing that'll remain is "Vine Camera," which lets you record videos in the classic Vine format. You can use the app to capture 6-second videos that can be saved.

UK NHS Tests Chatbot For Non-Emergency Help

A chatbot that can help people in non-emergency medical situations is being tested by the UK's National Health Service. Babylon, a UK startup, created the app. Users can open it up to get advice based on their symptoms. The roll out will begin this month.

Legacy Systems Put Flight Booking Systems At Risk

Flight booking and itinerary systems are prime targets for hackers due to their continued use of legacy systems, according to research from SR Labs. A presentation at Chaos Communication Congress from two SR Labs researchers explained how the systems aren't adequately protected.