Internet News

UberEats Entering India Soon

India will receive Uber's food delivery service this quarter, according to The Economic Times. UberEats will first arrive in one Indian city and then it will expand to another five by the end of this year. The app is already live in 80 cities around the world.

UberRush No Longer Working With Restaurants

Restaurant deliveries are no longer going to be accepted by UberRush, a fast delivery service that was introduced by Uber a couple years ago. The company is trying to direct people to UberEats if they're looking to get food delivered. Uber is reducing Rush's scope.

Google Creating Job Platform For Businesses

A new Google project known as Hire is being created to help businesses recruit employees. Hire is meant to take over at least part of the task of managing job applications. It hasn't fully launched, but the info that's available suggests it could compete against LinkedIn.

Google Revealing A 'New Google Earth' Next Week

Google will introduce an updated Google Earth next week. During an event that's scheduled for Apple 18 (four days before Earth Day), the company says it'll unveil "the new Google Earth." Exactly what will change about the app isn't known. Invites have been sent out.

Google Cardboard Now Support Chrome VR

The Chrome VR platform now works with Google's inexpensive Cardboard viewer. Support for WebVR was brought to Chrome in February and now Chrome's iteration of the capability works with the headset. WebVR lets people view virtual reality experiences without a special app.

Facebook Messenger Grows To 1.2B Users

1.2 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month, up from the 1 billion Facebook reported in July 2016. Considering 200 million users in total would be a significant user base for most apps, that kind of growth over an 8-month period indicates Messenger is doing well.

Google AutoDraw Turns Simple Scribbles Into Art

Google has released a Paint-like tool called "AutoDraw" that uses machine learning to take a user's basic scribbles and match them with pre-drawn art. AutoDraw is free and it can be used on any phone, tablet, or computer. AutoDraw uses the same technology as QuickDraw.

Facebook Messenger Adds Group Payments

Support for group payments has been added to Facebook Messenger, expanding upon the messaging app's person-to-person payments. When you're in a group chat, you can either send money to everyone or pick individual members to pay. Payments were added to Messenger in 2015.

Americans Are In Favor Of City Broadband

A new survey from Pew Research has found the majority of Americans support letting cities build their own broadband networks, something regular ISPs strongly oppose. Based on results from 4,000 people, Pew says 70% of Americans are in favor of letting cities build networks.

Sling TV's Cloud DVR Reaches Roku, Android

Sling TV's Cloud DVR feature has expanded to more devices. The feature, which gives subscribers up to 50 GB of storage for holding on to content, is now reaching Android and Roku devices. Cloud DVR was initially limited to working on Amazon Fire devices.