Internet News

YouTube Getting Rid Of Annotations

Annotations are about to become a thing of the past on YouTube. The site is removing them to make newly posted video more optimized for mobile viewing. Features like Cards and End-Screens will fill in the role that annotations once had. Cards and End-Screens work well on mobile.

WhatsApp Brings Back Text Statuses

WhatsApp is reversing course to bring back its previous text statuses. Although it'll continue offering its newer Snapchat Stories-like Statuses, users will be able to set an About Status through the About section of their profile. It'll continue building its newer Statuses.

Snapchat Will Soon Air A Reality Dating Show

Exclusive TV-style content is making its way to Snapchat, furthering the app's journey away from its original focus on ephemeral messaging. The platform is going to receive a reality dating show from Vice. It is called Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson.

Samsung Site Confirms Bixby Assistant

Samsung has confirmed the existence of Bixby, an upcoming digital assistant, in a new version of its privacy policy. The assistant is mentioned by name under the "voice services" section of the document. Bixby has already leaked multiple times in the past year.

Facebook Stories Expanding Worldwide

Facebook's Snapchat-like Stories feature is rolling out to users around the world. Testing of the feature began only a couple months ago. Stories is very similar to what's available from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, all of which are owned by Facebook.