Networking News

Facebook Lite App Passes 200M Monthly Users

Over 200 million people are using Facebook Lite each month. Lite is a version of the network's mobile app intended for people with limited data connections. It works better than the regular mobile app in low-bandwidth situations, making it a good option in 2G regions.

Twitter Announces Three Anti-Abuse Updates

Twitter has outlined three changes it's implementing to deal with abuse and harassment on the platform. First, it wants to make bans more effective by doing what it can to prevent people from making new accounts. It'll try to identify people who've been permanently suspended.

Facebook Approaching 2 Billion Users

Facebook's user base continues to expand and is headed towards 2 billion. The company's latest financial report revealed $8.8 billion in revenue for the last quarter. Over 1.23 billion people are using the social network daily, with 1.15 billion accessing from mobile daily.

Facebook Boosting Longer Videos In News Feed

Longer videos are receiving a boost in their News Feed presence, though only if people actually watch them. Facebook says it decided the "percent competition" figure should mean more when a video is longer. Therefore, long videos that hold a user's attention will appear higher.

Facebook Slideshows Arriving On Android

Facebook's Slideshow feature arrived on iOS in June 2016 and it's finally beginning to roll out on Android. It's only slowly beginning to arrive, so not everyone has access to it yet. When it's available, the feature shows up when making a new status post.