Networking News

Obama Broke Twitter Record In 5 Hours

President Obama recently gained a new presence on Twitter in the form of @POTUS. In doing so, Obama broke a worldwide record on the social network by reaching 1 million followers faster than anyone else. It took 5 hours for the president to reach that amount of followers.

Facebook Messenger May Get Games

Games could be the next addition to Facebook Messenger, according to a report in The Information. Facebook has confirmed it is talking with developers about games for Messenger that would be available inside of its app store. Games for Messenger could be months away.

President Obama Is Now On Twitter

After six years of being president of the United States, Barack Obama now has a presidential Twitter account. The president has communicated with the country through @WhiteHouse and a personal account for the past few years but now there is @POTUS for the president.

Periscope Drops Twitter Sign Up Requirement

Periscope is owned and operated by Twitter but it's dropping its Twitter sign up requirement. Following Meerkat, another live streaming service, Periscope will no longer require a deep connection to Twitter. Users can opt to use their phone number for verification.

Snapchat Adding Sharing Features To Discover

Discover is one of the largest parts of Snapchat but it stands apart from the rest of the app in a strange way. That section of the app is used to provide content from CNN, Food Network, and other sources. Snapchat was first just a way to send photos of yourself to other people.

Facebook Begins Using Nokia Mapping

Facebook will begin using Nokia's mapping services in some of its features. The social network has signed a deal with Nokia to use Here maps in its mobile web version and Facebook is testing Here in Instagram and Messenger. Facebook is one potential buyer of Nokia Here.

Instagram Begins Supporting Emoji For Hashtags

Emoji support for hashtags has come to Instagram. Users can now put emojis in their hashtags. Instagram's latest update also includes three new filters for photos. The additional emoji support is the most important part of this update. Users can also search for emojis. 

Facebook Grows To 1.44 Billion Monthly Users

The number of active monthly users on Facebook keeps growing and there are now 1.44 billion people using the social network each month. During the Facebook Q1 2015 earnings call it was revealed the network had grown since last quarter when it reported 1.39B active monthly users

You Can Now Get Twitter DMs From Anyone

Twitter's direct message (DM) feature has been upgraded so that users can receive messages from anyone. Before this update, you could only send DMs to someone who was following you. Twitter first launched a wider DM feature in 2013 but it was limited to a small group of users.

Twitter Homepage For Signed-Out Users Updated

Twitter has a new homepage for people who are not signed in. The homepage will be used to attract non-users and it will also appear for those with an account who just happen to be logged out. Non-users had previously only seen a sign-up page when visiting the site.