Networking News

Twitter Not Liable For Rise Of ISIS

Even though Twitter has served as a useful platform for ISIS, the network cannot be held responsible for what individual accounts publish, Judge William H. Orrick has ruled. The district judge's decision came down in response to a class-action lawsuit.

Stickers Now Live For All Twitter Users

Everyone on Twitter can now use stickers to alter their photos. Stickers were revealed last month and now they're rolling out for everyone. You can browse through a ton of emoji and other designs to find items you would like to place on your pictures.

Twitter Now Lets People Apply For Verification

Attaining a blue checkmark on Twitter hasn't been easy, but now anyone can apply to become verified. Twitter has opened up applications to "all users," though only certain accounts will be approved and you must wait a month before re-applying if your request is denied.

Facebook For Android Adds Offline Videos

Saving videos for offline viewing is now possible in the Facebook app on Android. The offline video feature has been in testing for months and while it was originally expected to only widely appear in areas with sub-par infrastructure, it has rolled out to all regions instead.