Networking News

Twitter Testing Emoji Responses

Shortly after replacing its favorite star button with a heart, Twitter is reportedly testing emoji responses to posts. A developer version of the app now comes with the ability to respond with emojis instead of hearts, allowing people to give better responses.

Facebook Has 1.5 Billion Monthly Users

There are now more than 1.5 billion people logging into Facebook and using the network each month. Facebook reached a billion users in September 2012 and it has taken the company a little over three years to increase its user base by another 500 million.

Twitter Only Added 4M Users In Q3

Twitter's struggle to add and keep new users remains. The social network only added 4 million new monthly active users during the entire third quarter and that lackluster growth was accompanied by a loss of $132 million on $569 million in total revenue.

Facebook Fixes Battery Drain On iOS

Facebook has admitted its app has been a cause of battery drain on iPhones and it has addressed that problem with the app's latest update. The company says the battery drain was caused by the app having "CPU spin" and by not managing audio sessions correctly.

Twitter Begins Letting Everyone Make Polls

Twitter has opened up its polls feature to everyone, adding another way for people to interact with tweets on the network. Each poll can exist for a period of 24 hours and for the time being, you can only create two options. Those who vote will be notified of the results.

Facebook Testing 'Notify' App For News

Notify, a new app from Facebook, is undergoing testing, according to The Awl. The app is reportedly based around real-time news and it is meant to compete with Twitter, the social network many people flock to for news. Users will be able to select publishers for their feed.

Facebook Trying Video-Only News Feed

As it attempts to build its existing video platform and compete with the likes of YouTube, Facebook is now testing a video-only News Feed. If it's available to you, the feed can be accessed from iOS and the web. Facebook says this feed is for people who only want to watch videos.