Networking News

Instagram Will Let Users Disable Comments

To make itself a "welcoming and safe place for everyone," Instagram will let users disable commenting on any of their posts. If you're concerned about the sort of statements people may post in response to your pictures, this feature may be pretty helpful.

Twitter Adds Moments Creation To Mobile

Moments creation on Twitter has expanded beyond the web and is now reaching mobile devices. Regular users have been able to construct Moments since earlier this year. The feature lets users create stories featuring tweets and photos from the network.

Twitter Accidentally Suspended CEO's Account

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was temporarily suspended from the service on Tuesday. He was entirely unavailable on the network for a few hours and he returned with an explanation, blaming the suspension on an "internal mistake." He didn't fully explain the mistake.

Facebook App Adds WiFi Finder

Using the data associated with Pages, Facebook's app is receiving a WiFi finder feature. The social network has been promoting the availability of free WiFi and trying to get businesses to offer it. You can search your area to find free and public WiFi.

Twitter Expands Mute, Report Functionality

In its continued fight against abusive behavior, Twitter has introduced more muting and reporting features. Muting, which is currently limited to specific people, will now be possible for keywords, phrases, emojis, and hashtags. Users can therefore filter out almost anything.