Networking News

Twitter Tests Night Mode On Android

Twitter is trying out a night mode in its Android app that will make it easier to view content in some situations. A Huawei employee, Taylor Wimberly, noticed the new night mode in the alpha version of Twitter's app. Because it isn't widely available, there are few reports on it.

Facebook Trying Out Major News Feed Update

Facebook is trialing an update to its mobile News Feed setup that highlights news sections (e.g. World, US, Sports). It's not the primary feed in Facebook's mobile app, but it does exist as an easily accessible alternative to the regular feed. Some users have seen the layout.

Facebook Exec Says Network Now Relies On AI

Without artificial intelligence systems, Facebook as we see it today could not exist, says director of applied machine learning Joaquin Quinonero Candela. During the F8 developer conference, Candela spoke about the importance of AI and its role in Facebook.

Twitter Adds Button To Tweets For DMs

Twitter has added the ability to start a direct message directly from a tweet. Each tweet now includes a small DM button that can be clicked to privately share a public post without selecting the "share via DM" option in a tweet's menu. Messages is a growing part of Twitter.

Instagram Introduces 60-Second Videos

Longer videos are now supported on Instagram, with support for 60-second pieces beginning to roll out. The social network says this feature is just "one step of many" that will be announced in the coming months. This change means Instagram is moving beyond short clips.

Facebook Dropping BlackBerry This Year

Facebook will stop supporting BlackBerry 10 and BBOS by the end of this year, putting BlackBerry in a more difficult spot. The network's departure from BlackBerry comes after WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) announced it'd stop supporting the barely used platform.

Twitter Will Stick To 140-Character Limit

Long posts aren't going to be a part of Twitter in the near future. The social network is not getting rid of its 140-character limit on tweets, according to CEO Jack Dorsey. It was widely reported the network was going to ditch that limit, but Dorsey has countered those claims.