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Facebook Cleaning Up Spam In Your News Feed

Facebook is tweaking their News Feed algorithm to better filter out posts that request users to "like for a cause" and other such bogus claims. The problem is that users end up clicking on the link or liking the post anyway, which makes that post even more popular...

Voice Calls Coming To WhatsApp Real Soon

WhatsApp is about to take itself to the next level. The world's most popular instant messaging service, boasting nearly 500 million members, recently got acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion. So what's up with WhatsApp ever since? Well, Koum's team has been..

Socl For Windows Phone 8 Updated, Supports 512 MB RAM Devices

Socl, Microsoft's very own social network, isn't very popular. But of course an official app exists, and the Windows Phone version of the same has been updated. The most significant change is that the app is now optimized to run on low memory devices.

Playing Computer Games Sync Brains

Scientists have researched that playing computer games together can make the players think alike. They have said that it will bring the players emotional responses and brain activity into "unison." During the study the group of scientists found similar...

Microsoft Going Green in Cheyenne Wyoming

Microsoft has been in construction of a "green" cloud data center in Cheyenne Wyoming that will be powered by Methane gas harvested from Dry Creek Water Reclamation Facility. The data center is completely off the local power grid and will be built in 'modules."
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