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Facebook Blocking Anti-Muhammed Posts In Turkey

Facebook is caving into pressure in Turkey. Mashable reports the social network has begun blocking pages that were insulting the Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic prophet. A court order within Turkey demanded that Facebook block certain pages. The court said that

Tweetbot For Mac Removed From App Store

Third-party Twitter clients often fall due to the token limit imposed by the social network. It seems the latest client to be affected by that limit is Tweetbot. The application has been removed from the Mac App Store, and it appears the removal was connected to

Twitter Posts Can Be Connected To Heart Disease Risk

The things you say can really be connected to your health. A study has been completed by the University of Pennsylvania showing that complaints on Twitter are correlated with a greater heart disease risk. Maps of heart disease prevalence were compared to maps

Twitter Website, Mobile Apps Get Bing Translator

Bing translations have been added to Twitter's website and mobile app. The feature makes it easy to translate 40 languages into a user's native language. Right now, the translation feature works on the network's website and in its iOS app. TweetDeck users recently began

Twitter's 'While You Were Away' Feature Introduced

Twitter has enabled its 'while you were away' feature. Some users received the feature as early as the beginning of this month, and now a full launch is taking place. Paul Rosania, product manager at Twitter, says the feature will "surface a few of the best tweets you

Facebook News Feeds Altered To Minimized Hoaxes

If you are regularly on Facebook, you have probably come across a hoax post that half of your friends think is real. Well, this is an issue, and Facebook has decided to respond with annotations. On posts that are clearly false, the social network will display an

ICICI Bank Lets People Send Money Through Twitter

ICICI, a bank in India, is now letting people send money through social network Twitter. The bank has become the first in the country to let people send money through Twitter. Twitter sending support comes alongside the ability to check one's account balance and

Facebook Adding Amber Alerts To Feeds

Amber alerts for missing children will soon appear in newsfeeds on Facebook. The company has launched an initiative in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This feature is rolling out on December 13 for people in the United States. By

Central Command Accounts Hacked

President Obama is calling for stronger cybersecurity measures to protect consumers and students this week. At the same time, the US military's Central Command accounts on Twitter and YouTube have been hacked. The Central Command covers military operations in the
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