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Google No Longer Forcing People To Sign Up For Google+

Google had been forcing people to sign up for its social network, Google+, but that is no longer required. When users decide to sign up for a service such as Gmail or Google Docs, Google+ is not automatically included anymore. While being required to sign

Two-Way Picture Messaging Added To Twilio API

Twilio has announced that it will be adding multimedia messaging to its API. The service is already used by developers for voice and text messaging, and now developers will have a way of enabling picture messaging. Twilio MMS will be supported throughout the 

BBC Will Use Line To Share Breaking News

BBC is now the first major news organization to create an account on Line, but rather than use it to send stickers to people, it will use the application to share breaking news. BBC says that the content it sends out will include short text posts and video content. Line

Facebook Moments App Focuses On Privacy

Facebook has been rolling out new features recently meant to help users boost their privacy on the network. A tool was released just a few weeks ago that people can use to determine if their privacy settings are best for their situation. Now, TechCrunch is reporting the 

Facebook Page On Weibo Is Not Legit

A page on Chinese social network Weibo was created for Facebook Inc., and even though it gained a following of 80,000 people, Facebook says it is fake. The page seemed to be real because of the content included on it, but it was also strange because Facebook is

"Buy" Button In Twitter Going Public

A "buy" button first appeared inside of Twitter a little while ago, and now the feature is headed out for public testing. The button will now be embedded inside of tweets from Home Depot, Pharell, and Burberry. By only including the button in some tweets, Twitter

Facebook Serves 1 Billion Video Views Each Day

Facebook is not used by people in any way that is comparable to YouTube, but videos on the social network are bringing in more views everyday. The network has announced that it is now serving 1 billion video views each day. Facebook's upcoming update will introduce

Reddit Gets Rid Of Nude Celeb Subreddit

Reddit has banned the subreddit used by millions of people to share and view a leaked set of nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. The subreddit called "TheFappening" quickly became the fastest growing subreddit on the service, and traffic stats showed
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