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Facebook Keeps Losing Teen Interest

Teenagers were once the fastest growing sector of the Facebook user base and they drove much of the social network's growth. A study from Frank N. Magid Associates has found that 88 percent of teens in the US are using the social network, but that is down

Facebook Wants To Auto Improve Photos

Anyone who is using Facebook with an iPhone will begin to notice that their photos are being auto-enhanced by the social network. iOS users have begun to notice that Facebook is changing tiny aspects of their photos, and that means manual editing can take place

Instagram Launches Five New Filters

Photo-based social network Instagram has come out with five new photo filters, all of which seem pretty good. The filters are available after a two year period during which Instagram did not come out with any new filters. Instagram continues to launch editing tools for

Twitter Can't Decide On Video Auto-Play Issue

The team over at social network Twitter cannot decide how to handle videos in timelines. On one side, people at Twitter think that the network should include autoplaying videos, while the other feels videos should not automatically begin playing without user interaction

Facebook Sticker Search Feature Launched

Facebook has added a new search feature solely for stickers in the social network. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the new feature, and it says that people can use the search function to find the best possible sticker for a certain situation. There are sticker

Twitter Could Expand Location Features With Foursquare

Reports claim Twitter may end up working with Foursquare to expand the usefulness of its location features in tweets. Right now, people are able to let other users know where they have tweeted from, but applications for that location information aren't available.

Report: Social Media Use Decreases In UK

It may seem like social media is taking over lives, and for some people that may be the case, yet social media use is actually decreasing. A new report from Ofcom, a regular in the UK, has found fewer people are signing into networks on a weekly basis. Based upon 

New Gender Options Added To Google Plus

Google has updated its social network, Google Plus, with new gender identity options. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Google Plus no longer limits people to either male or female. More options are now being shown that give options including Male, Female, 

Facebook Graph Search Goes To Mobile

Facebook Graph Search launched on desktop two years ago, and it is finally expanding to mobile. The network has stated that the feature will be available next week on the Facebook application for iPhone, and then it should become available on other mobile devices. 

Google+ Adds Twitter-Like Pin Feature

Google has updated its social network, Google+, with a new feature. The feature is the ability to pin a post to the top of one's profile page, which is similar to what Twitter introduced in April of this year. By clicking the option section on a post, it is possible to
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