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Twitter Video Embeds Begin

Twitter has allowed people to embed tweets and their accompanying photos for a while. Now, that embed functionality is expanding to include videos on the social network. As of today, video embeds are rolling out to Twitter users accessing the service from the web.

Google+ Is Splitting Apart

Google+ never took off but it has remained useful to Google. The company suggested last week that some features would split off from the main service and we are now learning that new products will be created from the spinoff services in the near future.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Threatened By Islamic State

The Islamic State is targeting Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey because of Twitter's banning of accounts linked to the terrorist group. A statement from the group was posted on JustPaste and it included a picture of Dorsey with crosshairs placed over his face.

Tinder Plus Launching On Monday

A paid version of Tinder is launching on Monday. The new application, Tinder Plus, includes some new features but also costs an estimated $9.99. A subscription is included with the app and that means there's a monthly cost. Tinder has tried different pricing structures.

Facebook "Addiction" To Blame For Distracted Driving

Phones are being used behind the wheel more often. The UK government has released a study showing a 50 percent increase in in-car phone use since 2008 could be due to networking "addiction". Addiction to sites like Facebook has been blamed for greater phone use.

Twitter Finally Gets An Official Wordpress Plugin

An official plugin on Wordpress is finally available for Twitter. Some core functions from the social network are now easily added to Wordpress sites. Twitter Cards can be automatically generated for pages, video embeds are supported, and a button can be added to posts.

Twitter 'While You Were Away' Reaches Android

Twitter's "while you were away" feature first made an appearance on iOS devices in January. The feature is now expanding and is available on Android. "While you were away" shows people some of the big tweets they have missed since they last looked at the social network.

Facebook Reports 2 Million Active Advertisers

Facebook has reached a new advertising milestone. The social network now says it has 2 million advertisers, according to an announcement. Those advertisers are all active and the criteria for being active is advertising in the past month. Facebook had 1.5M 6 months ago.

Twitter Tries Individual Tweet Analytics On Web

Social network Twitter has been trying out a bunch of new analytics options recently. The latest one to enter a test phase is individual tweet analytics on the web. Twitter has begun including an analytics button on tweets for some users. View analytics are offered.

Twitter Gets Behind FCC Net Neutrality Plan

Twitter is weighing in on the FCC's current net neutrality plan. The social network is in favor of the proposal and it has written a post explaining why it supports the proposal that was put forth by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. Classification changes are in the proposal.
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