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Instagram Updates Guidelines On Nudity, Most Nudity Banned

Instagram already has rules covering nudity and harassment but they are more explicit in the updated version of the guidelines. Users are not allowed to post any photos of buttocks, genitals, intercourse, and "some photos of female nipples." Male nipples are fine. 

Indian Companies Ditch Facebook's, Facebook's initiative to provide some web services to people for free, is losing supporters in India due to a push for net neutrality in that country. Companies like Cleartrip, NDTV, and the Times Group are leaving which began in August 2013.

Twitter Homepage For Signed-Out Users Updated

Twitter has a new homepage for people who are not signed in. The homepage will be used to attract non-users and it will also appear for those with an account who just happen to be logged out. Non-users had previously only seen a sign-up page when visiting the site.

Twitter's Improved Quote Feature Now On Android

The new "quote tweet" feature on Twitter is rolling out to Android devices. Unlike the previous quote option on the social network, this new feature lets people link to a tweet and write a full 140-character response. Before, responses were nearly impossible.

Twitter Tests App Pins On Brand Pages

Twitter has begun experimenting with the ability to pin apps to brand profiles. Companies would be given the ability to pin a particular application to their profile with this feature. Users have already seen Periscope, Vine, and Uber doing this on their pages.

Facebook Facing Class-Action Lawsuit In Austria

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Facebook in Austria. The lawsuit is over privacy violations and specifically deals with PRISM, an NSA program that Facebook and other tech companies were allegedly working with. 25,000 users are in this current lawsuit.

Facebook Claims A "Bug" Made It Track People

Facebook was tracking non-users because of a "bug." Or at least that is what the social network claims. A report from the Belgian Privacy Commission revealed Facebook could have broken laws in the EU because it didn't let people opt-out and tracked non-users. 

Twitter Completely Changes Search Results In Experiment

A Twitter experiment has completely changed the way searches appear on the social network. Some users are seeing the updated search on and it includes a new design and new tabs for sorting tweets. Tweets are sorted by account, popularity, and photos.

Twitter Revamp Improves Trends

Twitter has updated trends so that it is easier to understand what hashtags are actually talking about. Only seeing a hashtag can be confusing if you are not up-to-date on current popular topics. Trends will now give a explanation of what a hashtag is referring to.
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