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Location-Specific 'Fat Shaming' Hits Facebook

"Fat-shaming" is a pretty messed up trend on the internet and in real-life, but at least when it is online, people are normally somewhat removed from the situation. Bullies online are changing that, however, with new location-specific Facebook pages

Hillary Clinton Takes To Twitter From Silicon Valley

From the Twitter headquarters in Silicon Valley, Hillary Clinton held a Q&A on Twitter on Monday. Using the #AskHillary hashtag, people were able to send in questions that were then answered live by the woman who may very well run for President in 2016. Twitter

DM System Updated In Twitter

Twitter is updating its direct message system to improve the system overall, especially by syncing deleted messages across multiple devices. The DM system has been a part of Twitter for years, so for it to still not sync deleted messages across platforms is a...

Snapchat Utilized By British Police Force

The West Midlands Police force in the United Kingdom has begun using Snapchat to let citizens know what the police force is up to at any given time. West Midlands is now the first police force in the world to use Snapchat in this way, though other forces have used

Facebook Mentions Is An App For Famous People

Facebook has launched a new application solely for famous people. The app, called Facebook Mentions, acts as a new way for celebrities to see what people are saying about them. Additionally, Mentions is a way for people to interact with their fans if they have

'Yo' Now Available In Pebble App Store

After raising $1 million, the 'Yo' developers are now delivering on their promise of bringing the app to Pebble. The app has been used by the Israeli Military and those in charge of the World Cup. Pebble believes that the app, which barely does anything, will help...

Happn Is A 'Real Life' Dating App

The French start-up Happn is providing the world with a new way to meet the people who are standing right beside them. The app allows users to see the profiles of other users as they walk around. French venture capital firm Alven Capital has invested an...

Facebook May Have Run Hundreds Of Emotion Experiments

People are still upset because of the realization that Facebook altered news feeds for a massive personal behavior experiment. Many users immediately assumed that there had to have been more than one test, and they may be correct. Former Facebook Data Scientist...

Weibo Announces TV Rating Feature

Weibo, the Twitter-like social network for China, has announced that it will be introducing a beta TV ratings service. The beta feature was influenced and built in accordance with the Nielsen TV ratings, and those that are shown in Weibo will obviously be...
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