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2016 MacBook Pro Owners Report Keyboard Issues

A growing number of 2016 MacBook Pro owners are reporting issues with the laptop's keyboard. They've reported things like non-functional keys and high-pitched clicking sounds. Some owners also says the keys don't all feel the same, which makes for an odd typing experience.

System76 Updates Its Ubuntu Laptop Lineup

If you are in a search of Ubuntu-powered notebook, System76 has something for you. A company behind many Linux-powered has now announced that it has updated several higher-performance laptops with Intel's 7th-gen Core Kaby Lake processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series GPU

Lenovo Yoga 720 Leaks, Includes GTX 1050 Graphics

Details about the Lenovo Yoga 720, a successor to the Yoga 710, have leaked on Notebook Italia. The site claims two models will be available, a 13.3-inch and a 15.6-inch. Both are convertible and have an overall slimmer design relative to the 710. The latter has a discrete GPU.

Lenovo Updates Its ThinkPad Workstation Lineup

At SOLIDWORKS World 2017 trade show, Lenovo unveiled three new mobile workstations called ThinkPad P51s, ThinkPad P51, and ThinkPad P71. All three notebooks have similar specifications, including a 4K UHD display, NVIDIA Quadro graphics processor, and latest Intel processors.

HP Launches Upgraded Omen 15 Gaming Notebook

With so many notebooks and lineups, companies can't update every device at the same time. While most of these upgrades are pretty simple for the companies, they still need time to test them before releasing them. Now, HP has updated its Omen 15 gaming notebook.

Apple Developing ARM Chip For Macs

Apple is allegedly developing a chip codenamed "T310" for future Mac laptops, which is designed to boost battery life and reduce dependence on Intel chips. The custom ARM-based chip would handle macOS' "Power Nap" functionality and other low-power features.