Notebooks News

Intel Updates Ultrabook Requirements

Along with the announcement of 4th generation Intel Core series processors, the company has also announced new requirements for Ultrabooks. As Haswell architecture is more power efficient, it allows Intel to demand even more things for Ultrabook certificate.

Dell Unveils 13.3-inch Latitude 3330 Notebook

Dell has launched a new notebook aimed for schools and small businesses. The new Dell 13.3-inch Latitude 3330 notebook is especially suited for educational use, which means low price. Regardless of the low price, the notebook comes with an aluminum chassis.

Chromebooks Spread to Five New Markets

Google Chromebook, which seeks to challenge established models of personal computing, is now available in five new markets. The boot-to-Chrome notebooks, made by Samsung, Acer, and HP, is available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Acer Updates Its C7 Chromebook

Acer has announced that the company is updating its C7 Chromebook. The updated version will come with more RAM and longer battery life, but also with a higher price. The first C7 Chromebook was selling for $199 while the upgraded C7 model will set you back $280.