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Acer One 10 Is A 2-In-1 That Costs $200

Acer has released a 2-in-1 Windows device called the One 10 that only costs $200. The One 10 is a tablet/laptop and it is the cheapest one Acer has introduced. For a modest price, the Acer One 10 delivers modest specs, including 32 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM.

Top Ultrabooks: Summer 2015 Buying Guide

Summer days are here and you definitely don't want to take your big, heavy notebook with yourself. What you need is a thin, light Ultrabook that can take you through your day without even worrying where to put it, and here is a quick guide on what to purchase.

HP Chromebook 11 G4 Begins At $200

HP has unveiled its latest Chromebook, the Chromebook 11 G4. This laptop is targeted at the entry-level market since it has low specs and a low $200 price tag. HP started the G3 at $240, a bit higher than this device. For that price, users will receive a system with 2 GB of RAM.

Dell Begins Taking Windows 10 Device Preorders

Dell has begun accepting preorders for some of its Windows 10 products. The preorders are accepted through the Dell web store and orders will ship on July 29--that's the same day as Microsoft is releasing Windows 10. Preorders will arrive as early as July 30.

HP Launches First Laptop With USB-C

The HP Pavilion x2 is the first laptop from HP to include USB-C, the latest USB standard. This new version of the Pavilion x2 also includes USB 2.0 and is an entry-level hybrid. HP contributed to the creation of USB-C and it makes sense for the HP to release products with it.

Two Sub-$250 Chromebooks Launched In India

Google has launched two budget Chromebooks for the Indian market. Nexian and Xolo are making the two Chrome OS-powered laptops. The Nexian device retails for $212 on Amazon and it is currently on sale. The Xolo Chromebook costs $220 and is available on Snapdeal.