Notebooks News

Report: MacBook Air Retina Coming In Q2 2015

Suppliers are already working on Retina displays for the next MacBook Air. The Wall Street Journal reports suppliers have been mass producing 12-inch Air displays that are of a higher resolution. WSJ claims the suppliers plan to ship a large number of displays in Q2.

Retina MacBook Air With Broadwell Leaked

A refreshed 13-inch MacBook Air has been leaked and it includes a new Broadwell chip from Intel. Chinese site Feng shows Apple is upgrading the Air with Broadwell but is changing very little overall. The refresh appears to have a 1.6 GHz 5250U CPU, and 4 GB of RAM.

ATIV Book 9 Release Is On March 1

The release date for Samsung's ATIV Book 9 is March 1. Samsung revealed the computer during last year's CES and now it is finally going to be released. The ATIV Book 9 is made of aluminum, only weighs 2.09 pounds, and is 0.46-inches thick. The laptop is light and thin.

Lenovo Plans To Offer Cleaner Software

To avoid another Superfish-like incident, Lenovo has plans to offer cleaner software on its computers in the future. An open letter from technical chief Peter Hortensius reveals Lenovo is looking into a few options that will help the company avoid bad software.

New Chromebook Pixel Officially Coming Soon

Google has confirmed a new Chromebook Pixel is officially on its way. An announcement pertaining to the new Chrome OS laptop was made during the Google TeamWork 2015 event and then the media reported on it. Google has said the Pixel is coming "out soon".

Toshiba Launches Updated KIRA Ultrabook

Toshiba has announced that updated KIRA Ultrabook is going to be on the shelves by the end of the month and that will keep the same price tag as the last year's model. Everything remains the same except it features Intel's 5th generation i7 Broadwell processor range.

Vaio's Sony-Free Notebooks Are Transformers

The Vaio Z and Vaio Z Canvas are two new notebooks launching from the Sony-free Vaio brand. Sony got rid of that brand and now Vaio is separate and launching entirely new products. Both new notebooks are capable of transforming in some way and aren't very inexpensive.