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US Investing $200M In Foreign VC Funds

Using a Congress-approved budget, the US' Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) says it'll invest $200 million in venture capital funds over the next few years. That money will be used to support projects intended to improve living standards around the world.

UK Blames North Korea For WannaCry

The WannaCry malware that spread early this summer has been publicly blamed on North Korea by UK officials. According to Security Minister Ben Wallace, who spoke on the topic during a BBC interview, North Korea is the most likely state actor. The investigation wasn't detailed.

US Wants To Access Data Stored In UK

For two years the US and UK have been in discussion about a plan to let each other access data stored in each other's countries, reports the Financial Times. Under this plan, US law enforcement would be able to request access to data in Britain. And the same goes for the reverse.