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Two FCC Commissioners Finally Approved By Senate

After operating with just three commissioners for months, the FCC is going to return to a full crew. The Senate has confirmed Brendan Carr and Jessica Rosenworcel, filling out the FCC. Carr will be a commissioner for the first time, while Rosenworcel has been there before.

Russia Moving To Ban VPNs

Like China, Russia is moving towards stricter internet regulations that would essentially ban VPNs and other proxy services. The State Duma passed a bill, with no opposition, that'd force internet providers in the country to block VPNs due to security concerns.

US Separating Cyber Command From NSA

The United States is going to separate Cyber Command, a more military-centric operation, from the National Security Agency (NSA). That change, which has been debated for some time, is going to be unveiled in the coming weeks, says the Associated Press.

China May Not Technically Block All VPNs

Though recent policies in China are leading to an apparent crackdown against VPNs, the country has pushed back against the recent claim that all VPNs will be blocked. Bloomberg recently reported all VPNs would be blocked next year, but a state-run site denies that.

China Planning To Ban VPNs Next Year

To increase its control over what people see online, China will move to ban all VPNs in 2018. Bloomberg reports the government has already instructed telecom companies that they'll have to implement a ban next year. That block is supposed to be in place by February 2018.