Robots News

Eye Surgery Robot Passes Clinical Trial

A robot created at the University of Oxford in the UK has demonstrated it's capable of assisting with eye surgeries. The robot, known as R2D2, passed a clinical trial for retinal surgery, a very delicate procedure. R2D2 outperformed its human counterparts.

Pepper Robot Reaches Taiwan This Year

SoftBank will begin selling Pepper in Taiwan later this year, making it one of the first markets to receive the robot. Foxconn subsidiary Perobot is handling orders in the country and it will cost around $16,000 for three years of use. Preorders may begin in the US soon.

Newer Ford Robots Shown Making Cars And Coffee

Ford is testing a new assembly line robot and it has released a short video demonstrating how the robots can help workers with building cars, making coffee, and getting a head massage (though mainly building cars.) This robot was built by Ford and KUKA Roboter GmbH.