Science News

NASA Delays Mars Rocket Launch To 2019

The first launch of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS), a heavy rocket that could one day bring humans to Mars, has been pushed back to 2019. It was last said to be headed for a late 2018 launch. It'll be quite a few years before a flight to Mars takes place.

Apple Close To Improving Diabetes Treatment

A secret team within Apple is working on noninvasive sensors that can continuously monitor glucose levels in people with diabetes. CNBC reports Apple had been working on the project for five years and it's already begun feasibility trials. This tech could improve diabetes care.

SpaceX Lands Second Air Force Contract

SpaceX has won a launch contract with the Air Force for a second time. It beat United Launch Alliance this time, obtaining a $96.5 million contract that covers the launch of a GPS III satellite. This is the second Air Force contract SpaceX has won since 2015.

Solar Power Grows 50% Globally

Solar power around the globe received a 50% boost during 2016, with a big part of the rise coming from the US and China, according to SolarPower Europe. There is now a global capacity of 305GW, up from just 50GW in 2010. There was a 76GW rise last year.