Science News

SpaceX Lands Second Air Force Contract

SpaceX has won a launch contract with the Air Force for a second time. It beat United Launch Alliance this time, obtaining a $96.5 million contract that covers the launch of a GPS III satellite. This is the second Air Force contract SpaceX has won since 2015.

Solar Power Grows 50% Globally

Solar power around the globe received a 50% boost during 2016, with a big part of the rise coming from the US and China, according to SolarPower Europe. There is now a global capacity of 305GW, up from just 50GW in 2010. There was a 76GW rise last year.

SpaceX Successfully Lands At Cape Canaveral

SpaceX's latest Falcon 9 rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A was successful and SpaceX also landed its first-stage rocket at Cape Canaveral. The launch sent a Dragon spacecraft carrying 5,500 pounds of supplies to astronauts at the ISS.