Science News

DARPA To Research Dissolving Electronics

In a media release today, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) stated that they are beginning a new undertaking called the Vanishing Programmable Resources Program (VAPR) to develop electronic devices that dissolve in the field on command.

Frack; Is It Safe?

For those that do not know exactly what Fracking is; it is a form of pulling oil out of shale's in the earth. There is a large controversy over fracking; does it contaminate the water supply? Is fracturing shale in the earth safe? These are just some of the concerns. 

Roboy to be Born in 9 Months!

Scientists and Engineers at the University of Zurich have a very ambitious plan to build a humanoid robot for the purpose of being a helping hand. The robot is said to be just 1.2m tall, look like a child, and moves by artificial tendons. Their plan so far is to help...

NASA Cowboys Make Plans To Rope An Asteroid

NASA, the National Aeronautic and Space Administration in the United States, has developed a plan to nab a 500 ton asteroid, move it and use it as a refueling base for future expeditions to the planet Mars. I wonder what gas prices will be on the asteroid?