Science News

Boeing Shows Off Next-Gen Space Capsule

Boeing, a company better known for their airplanes than their spacecraft, unveiled a test version of their next-generation space capsule called the CST-100. Keeping simplicity in mind, the craft is designed for easier control and is a reflection of modern technology.

Thermal Facial Scan As Unique As Fingerprints

Biometrics, the use of unique, distinguishable differences in out physical make-up to identify who we are, has been around for a long time. Fingerprints, full palm scanning, iris scanning and voice recognition are some of the ways. A team in India found another.

3D Printed Casts May Be Coming In The Future

After spending a few months in a plaster cast after breaking his hand in what he calls a "heroic rescue" of a friend during a fight, a Victoria University of Wellington, NZ graduate figured there must be a better way. He is working on developing a 3D printed cast.