Science News

Uber Forming An AI Research Lab

Uber is forming an AI research lab following its acquisition of Geometric Intelligence, an AI startup based in New York. The research is centered around technologies that'll be useful in the autonomous vehicle space. Geometric's 15 specialists are joining the lab to assist Uber.

SpaceX Plans To Launch Again This Year

SpaceX should be on track for another rocket launch this year and it is close to figuring out the cause of its September rocket explosion. When the next mission occurs, it'll be the first since a Falcon 9 exploded on a Cape Canaveral launchpad, destroying the rocket.

AI Can Read Mammograms With 99% Accuracy

False positives are an issue throughout medicine and incorrect readings of mammograms have received a large amount of attention. One solution to the issue may be found in artificial intelligence. A team has created software with a very high accuracy rating.