Science News

AI Can Read Mammograms With 99% Accuracy

False positives are an issue throughout medicine and incorrect readings of mammograms have received a large amount of attention. One solution to the issue may be found in artificial intelligence. A team has created software with a very high accuracy rating.

Blue Origin Unveils First Orbital Rocket Design

Blue Origin will launch its first orbital rocket, called the New Glenn, by the end of this decade. The rocket is named after John Glenn, the first US astronaut to orbit the Earth. It's going to be larger than its primary competitors, including SpaceX's Falcon Heavy.

Chinese Theme Park Will Take Visitors Close To Space

Kuang-Chi is developing a $1.5 billion theme park in China that will include a system for bringing visitors to the stratosphere. The company says its pressurized passenger capsule, known as the Traveller, can head to 15 miles above Earth's surface, providing an impressive view.