Science News

NASA's Juno Now In Orbit Around Jupiter

After five years of heading towards the planet, NASA's Juno spacecraft has entered Jupiter's orbit. Once it was close to Jupiter, Juno's engines were activated and it began a complex 35-minute maneuver to get into place. Juno will take many pictures and measurements.

SpaceX Planning On Another Ocean Landing Friday

SpaceX will attempt to land its Falcon 9 rocket on the ocean as soon as this Friday. A launch had been scheduled for May 26, but a "tiny glitch in the motion of an upper stage engine actuator" forced SpaceX to postpone, says CEO Elon Musk. The launch could take a couple days.

SpaceX Gets First Military Launch Contract

SpaceX has won its first military launch contract which will see the company carry a GPS satellite into space on behalf of the US Air Force. According to Reuters, the contract is worth $83 million and the launch is going to occur in May 2018. SpaceX will use its Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX Planning To Reach Mars By 2018

SpaceX intends to land on Mars within the next two years and a full plan for the mission will be revealed in September 2016. The company says it'll send its Red Dragon spacecraft to the planet in 2018 and SpaceX has suggested there will be multiple dragon missions to Mars.

Scientists Accurately Identify People By Brain Waves

With an impressive 100% accuracy level, researchers at Binghamton University have identified people based on their brain waves. There are sufficient differences between people when it comes to the way their brains respond to specific stimuli that "brainprints" can be captured.

New Galaxy Discovered Orbiting Milky Way

A previously unnoticed galaxy next to our own has been observed. Crater 2, as it's being called, is now the fourth largest satellite of the Milky Way. The dwarf galaxy is located 380,000 light years away in the Crater constellation and it showed up in images from a telescope.