Science News

South Korea Schedules Moon Landing For 2020

The South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning has started an ambitious project, which if successful would include the nation landing a rover on the moon by 2020. South Korea put a satellite into orbit for the first time just three years ago.

UK Allows Human Embryo Gene Editing

UK authorities have given their approval to edit genes in human embryos. Scientists can use CRISPR, a gene editing technique, to alter an embryo's genetic code and this is the first time such approval has been given by fertilization and embryo officials in the UK.

SpaceX Shows Dragon Capsule Can Hover

SpaceX has completed a test showing its Dragon capsule is capable of hovering, meaning the propulsion system can be used to land the capsule safely. The test lasted for five minutes and involved the Dragon V2. The system generated 33,000 lbs of thrust.