Software News

First LineageOS Builds Now Available

As promised, LineageOS, a successor to the popular and now dead CyanogenMod, has launched all new download portal, wiki and install stats websites for downloading ROMs. At the moment, the sites might look a little empty, but the company promised to support more than 80 devices.

Windows 10 Power Mode To Improve Battery Life

Full performance mode isn't necessary for all tasks and Microsoft is now working on a new feature that would allow you to quickly adjust level of performance. Called Power Mode, the feature will significantly improve the power management feature in Windows 10.

LineageOS To Release First Custom ROMs Next Week

It is very sad that CyanogenMod is no longer with us due to the breakup of Cyanogen Inc., but thankfully the LineageOS was formed as a continuation of the project. The team has now announced their future plans and the great news is that you can expect LineageOS and various builds

Google Maps To Help Users With Parking

Parking features are going to be added to Google Maps, according to an analysis of its version 9.44 beta. It appears the app will help users figure out how difficult parking is at their destination. Parking availability will be shown within the mobile app.