Software News

Huawei Rolling Out Alexa To Mate 9

Huawei is starting to deliver Amazon's Alexa to its Mate 9 handsets. The company announced the digital assistant would arrive on the phone more than two months ago. Now it's beginning to reach units over-the-air. Some of its functionality is initially absent.

Shortcuts Launcher Added To Google App

Google is making a big change to its main Google app, turning it into an app launcher of sorts. It's adding a wide variety of shortcuts that are joining existing features like search and information cards. The shortcuts include things like weather, translate, and TV shows.

Apple Clips App Lets You Make Social Videos

Apple has released an app for creating social videos, but it's not accompanied by an actual social network, meaning you can share the videos elsewhere. The 'Clips' app is separate from iOS' camera app. You can capture videos/photos and then edit them.

Nintendo Switch Could Have Used Cyanogen OS

Nintendo at one point considered using a Cyanogen operating system on a mobile game system, according to Kirt McMaster, former CEO of Cyanogen. McMaster said the company was contacted by Nintendo about making an OS for a "certain portable," which wasn't named.

Google Maps Updated With Parking Reminders

The latest beta version of Google Maps for Android includes a parking reminder feature that'll help you figure out where you parked. Users can tap a blue dot to save their location. The dot pulls up options for entering notes and saving photos of your parking space.

Samsung Announces Bixby Virtual Assistant

Almost every top-tier company have smart digital assistant, except for Samsung. The South Korean tech giant was rumoured to launch its vision of virtual assistant alongside Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, but the Bixby virtual assistant came a few days earlier.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gets Nougat Update

The Galaxy Note 5 handset is still waiting for a worthy successor after the Note 7 debacle. Since we are months away from a Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has decided to update the old phablet with a few new features. Shortly after Samsung released Android Nougat update for Galaxy S6 and