Software News

Amazon's Alexa Now Sounds More Human

Amazon has just announced that its intelligent personal assistant Alexa supports new Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) that will make it sound more human. The addition of a new set of speaking skills allows Alexa to control the tone, timing, and emotion of its voice.

Google Maps Might Get Ads In Near Future

We are living in a time where every single company is trying to find new ways on how to earn money. If you thought that Google is not interested in earning even more money, then you would be wrong. The search giant will reportedly monetize its navigation app in near future.

Google Home Adds Millions Of Recipes

Google Home can now help you cook due to the addition of 5 million recipes. Users can ask Google Assistant to bring up a recipe and they can control the instructions while cooking. You can ask it to repeat steps or return to a specific instruction, for example.

YouTube Kids Reaches Smart TVs

YouTube's Kids app, which offers a content selection that's acceptable for children, is now available on smart TVs and it'll soon reach Android TV. Kids is popular in many households as it makes it easy for parents to give their children access to kid-friendly content.

Spotify's Behind The Lyrics Arrive On Android

Android users have received Spotify's "Behind the Lyrics" feature, which gives insight into the meaning of certain songs. The music streaming service began offering lyric analysis through a partnership with Genius that began last year. It's appeared in a small set of playlists.

NVIDIA Shield TV Gains 4K Support

4K resolution is slowly becoming a mainstream standard as more TVs and other devices support it out of the box. That wasn't the case with the NVIDIA Shield TV, but luckily the company has now released a software update that brings the 4K support to the devices.