Software News

Windows 10 Will Surpass Windows 7 This Month

Windows 10's market share will finally surpass Windows 7's this month, according to data from StatCounter. The operating system's share increased by 1.65 points during October, bringing it to 40.95%. Windows 7 fell by 1.32 points to 42.67%, making the gap quite narrow.

Amazon's iOS App Receives AR Shopping Features

Augmented reality shopping capabilities in the form of a feature called AR View are now available in Amazon's iOS app. With AR View, you can see how products would look in your house or office. This visualization option is available for thousands of items.

Signal Now Has A Desktop App

Signal, a popular privacy-centric messaging app, now has a standalone desktop application. The app joins the service's mobile applications and its web messenger. Until now, encrypted conversations on a desktop required a Chrome web application to work.

iOS 11.1 Released With More Emoji, WiFi Issue Fix

iOS 11.1 is now available and it comes with a few notable updates. The new software version comes with more than 70 new emoji, a patch for the Krack WiFi vulnerability, and the addition of a 3D touch option for opening the app switcher via pressing the left side of the display.

YouTube TV Reaching Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One

Apps for YouTube TV, a television streaming service, are now rolling out on a range of platforms. The service has become available on all Android TV devices and it'll soon be on Apple TV, Xbox One, and Roku products. It previously started its rollout by reaching the Chromecast.

Skype's Updated Design Now Reaching Desktop

Skype's significantly updated design first appeared on mobile devices earlier this year and the same changes have been tested on desktop over the past few months. Now the redesign is officially rolling out to all users on Windows and Mac, despite a negative response.

Google Assistant Now Works With Apple Music For iOS

Google Assistant on iOS has been updated so that it can now work with Apple Music. iOS users can utilize the digital assistant to play specific content in the music streaming app. This will work for bringing up content you've purchased or have access to via your subscription.

Apple Pay Extended To More Markets

Just like Google's Android Pay, Apple is also expanding its payment service. This time, the expansion is focused on the northern Europe extension as well as to the United Arab Emirates. The service now supports banks like Emirates Islamic (Visa only), Emirates NBD,