Software News

Samsung Introduces Bixby 2.0

The second iteration of Bixby is here. Samsung introduced Bixby 2.0 on Wednesday during its developer conference in San Francisco. This new version of the digital assistant is coming six months after the debut of the original. Bixby 2.0 has a big IoT focus.

Gmail For iOS Tests Third-Party Accounts

Google is trying out support for third-party email accounts in Gmail for iOS. You can only access the feature as a beta tester right now. If you're fine with potential performance issues within the app, you can sign up to become a beta tester for this feature here.

Apple, GE Partner On Industrial iOS Apps

Apple is working with General Electric to create "industrial" applications on iPhone and iPad that'll be used by enterprise customers. This work is yielding, among other things, a new SDK targeted at the Internet of Things. Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to GE as an "ideal partner."

WhatsApp Adds Live Location Sharing

WhatsApp has joined other messaging applications in offering users the ability to share their location in real-time. The feature has appeared on Android and iOS, and you can reach the option in the same area you'd find the normal "share location" function.

Apple Gives US Senate More Info About Face ID

Apple has responded to a senator's inquiry about Face ID's security, providing more information about the biometric security feature. It provided more info directly in response to a letter from Senator Al Franken who voiced concerns about security and privacy last month.

Google Photos Can Recognize Pets

Google Photos is already able to organize your photos by people using its facial recognition capabilities and now the same kind of tech is being used to recognize pets. You can easily create albums or pull up photos of a specific pet rather than a general animal term like "dog."